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Identity what concepts Ms. Lee used in her approach with her students- if you think they worked or not and why.


Now that you have read about behaviorism and thought about your own experiences with it, I want you to analyze this case study using the terms and ideas from your reading and class discussions.

Identity what concepts Ms. Lee used in her approach with her students- if you think they worked or not and why.


Be about 400 words, or at least two paragraphs


Explicitly connect to the course reading and/or lecture notes with a citation to them using APA format.


Does NOT simply summarize the readings or video and do not just write quotes.


APA formatting:


Case Study


Ms. Lee is a teacher to a class of 28 energetic and talkative 6thgraders. They often have so many great ideas to share, but Ms. Lee is struggling to get them to raise their hands and share rather than just calling out responses and talking over each other. She has been using a behavior clip chart where students move their “clip” to a green, yellow, or red square by their name if they need to be told to stop calling out. Green means they are doing great! Yellow means they have been warned, and red means they get a note or call home and may miss out on the end of week “choice time” given to the class. Sometimes them being on yellow is enough to stop the behavior. Students who end up on red are sent to another class and get a call home. The whole class can see this chart (cue collective class, “OOH, look who’s in trouble!”


While having a class discussion, the class is energetic and excited about the topic, but several students start calling out without raising their hands. Ms. Lee immediately has them move their clips to yellow. She notices that some of those students who don’t always share out stop talking altogether for the rest of the discussion. One student calls out again and their clip is moved to red and they are even asked to visit another classroom because it has gotten disruptive. Ms. Lee is feeling overwhelmed and needs another strategy to handle this. What are some actions she has used from classical and operant conditioning? What could she do that might be helpful in stopping this behavior?


In your explanation, use the concepts from the reading: reinforcements (+,-), punishments (presentation, removal), feedback shaping, reinforcement schedules, satiation, cues, extinction or others not mentioned in this list.



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