Chat with us, powered by LiveChat In response to Jacinta and Emily post, agree or disagree with their assessment of cultural relativism. Be | WriteDen

In response to Jacinta and Emily post, agree or disagree with their assessment of cultural relativism. Be

 In response to Jacinta and Emily post, agree or disagree with their assessment of cultural relativism. Be sure to justify your opinion. 

Jacinta post

This is a tough question, because I do believe people can eat, and do whatever their cultural behaviors have taught them. I could say I would never drink cows blood because those aren’t my cultural behaviors and at the same time I can’t frown upon someone who’s cultural behaviors allow that. I can say that cultural relativism should always be applied without exception and that all depends on the enculturation of that individual even if it involves a breach of human rights or what I think is a breach of human rights according to my enculturation’s. Though, I might believe that monogamy is the only true way to be married, those who believe in polygamy or polyandry also believe that is the true way to be married. Neither is wrong if that is the cultural behavior.

Emily post


Thinking and reflecting on cultural relativism is a very deep, intense subject and process. By apply this practice that means that people have to keep their opinions to themselves and allow others to be whoever and whatever it is that they believe. I personally find this true, that no ideology or belief shall be pushed upon someone else who doesn’t hold the same morals, values, or beliefs. Practicing cultural relativism would allow for different societies to thrive in their own culture and communities. I believe it would eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of biased and social disadvantages certain ethnic groups are put into and eliminated from.

On the other hand, what if certain culture activities breached human rights? Like that of Hitler in Germany during WW2. His cultural relativism was the belief that Jews were inferior to the Nazis. Even though this was his opinion, he overstepped his boundaries when he pushed his agenda and beliefs onto others who did not think the same way. This was one of the biggest violations of ethical values that has happened in the 20thcentury. It is the same as white Europeans taking African slaves and forcing them to do the labor that produced their food and crops which made their economy thrive. This might be how Europeans believed, but it was also morally and ethically wrong. And the same as taking the Native Americans land for the benefit of white Europeans and their settlement in a foreign land. All the while slaughtering millions in the name of God. I firmly believe that people love an excuse for their behavior and putting a made-up definition such as Manifest Destiny gives them an excuse to cover up their sin and not have to take responsibility for their wrong, deceitful and inhumane actions. 

So, when it comes to cultural activities and human rights, I do think that everyone is entitled by just being human to practice their cultures and beliefs, but not at the expense of someone else’s life or sacrifice.

Discussion 1


In the course so far, you have learned about how quantitative reasoning can help you think about different situations in your life. You learned about the history of numbers, different labels for measuring, how numbers help us understand space, and basic algebraic techniques. After reflecting on the content, identify three examples of concepts you have learned from this course and how they can be used in your everyday life. Consider some of your very basic everyday activities can be better understood by applying some concepts from this course and reasoning quantitatively.



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