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In the cardiac cycle, the right atrium fills first, then the left atrium.

BSC2089 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

 Module 3 Quiz    

Question 1In the cardiac cycle, the right atrium fills first, then the left atrium.





Question 2Which statement is true?


Tachycardia will decrease cardiac output


Hypoxia can decrease cardiac output


The right atrium receives oxygenated blood from the lungs


Blood pressure is a measurement of systolic pressure/diastolic pressure


Question 3A consistent resting blood pressure of 120/88 would be considered:






Stage 2 hypertension


Stage 1 hypertension


Question 4The “dub” sound (or S2) is created by:


The semilunar valves opening


The semilunar valves closing


The AV valves closing


The AV valves opening


Question 5Which statement is true regarding blood pressure?


The systolic pressure relates to the pressure in the blood vessels when the ventricles are not contracting.


Blood pressure doesn’t impact cardiac output.


Blood pressure can be influenced by body position and emotional states.


Diastolic pressure is higher than systolic in a healthy person.


Question 6The blood pressure of veins should always be slightly higher than arteries in a healthy person.






Question 7The cardiac conduction system causes the right atrium and right ventricle of the heart to contract at the same time, and then the left atrium and left ventricle contract at that same time?






Question 8Which of the following statements is true regarding the cardiac cycle?


The right atrium receives oxygenated blood from the body


The T wave on the EKG graph/measurement represents ventricular contraction


The left atrioventricular (AV) valve is commonly referred to as pulmonary valve


The ventricles contract at the same time


Question 9The thickest layer of an artery is the:


Tunica externa


Tunica interna


Tunica media




Question 10Bradycardia is characterized as a heart rate of less than 60 beats per minute.






Question 11Which statement is NOT true regarding the cardiac cycle?


The P wave on the EKG graph/measurement relates to atria going through the depolarization process


The right ventricle will pump blood out to the lungs so the red blood cells can become oxygenated


The heart valves allow one-way flow of blood through the heart


Systole relates to when the ventricles are not contracting


Question 12What statement is true regarding blood vessels?


Veins typically have a higher blood pressure than arteries


Veins typically carry oxygenated blood through the body


The endothelium is only found in arteries and veins


Nutrient, gas and product exchange only occurs in the capillaries


Question 13The SA node can influence cardiac output.






Question 14Which of the following is true of the cardiac output?


Cardiac output decreases substantially when exercising.


Cardiac output stays consistent throughout the day with little variation.


CO is equal to heart rate multiplied stroke volume.


CO is the volume of blood pumped from one ventricle in a span of one hour.


Question 15Blood flows from the elastic arteries to the ___ then ___.


Arterioles; muscular arteries


Venules; capillaries


Muscular arteries; arterioles


Capillaries; arterioles


Question 16The ventricles are contracting when the heart is in the systolic phase.






Question 17The thickest layer of large veins is the tunica externa.






Question 18Blood exiting the right ventricle flows through which valve?










Question 19What factor does NOT influence stroke volume?


High blood pressure


The amount of stretch or tension in the ventricle just before it contracts


The amount of blood that is filling up the ventricle


The oxygen levels in the blood  


Question 20The entire cardiac cycle is dependent upon the AV node generating the electrical impulse to start a heartbeat.






Question 21What statement is true regarding blood vessels?


The arteries typically carry oxygenated blood from away from the heart


The tunica interna contains the smooth muscle


Venules allow for nutrient, product, gas and waste exchange to occur between the body cells and blood vessels


The lumen of arteries is larger than that of veins.


Question 22Which of the following choices is the correct route of blood flow through the systemic circuit after leaving the heart?


Arterioles, arteries, capillaries, veins, venules


Arteries, capillaries, veins, venules, arterioles


Arteries, venules, capillaries, arterioles, veins


Arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, veins


Question 23Which of the following factors decreases stroke volume?


Sympathetic stimulation






Thyroid hormone


Question 24Which statement is true of blood vessels?


All arteries have valves to prevent backflow.


The blood pressure of the veins is equal to the blood pressure of the arteries in a healthy person.


Capillaries are the only type of vessel that allow exchange of gases and nutrients.


The tunica media of veins is thicker than the tunica media of arteries.


Question 25Which of the following statements is true?


The left atrium fills before the right atrium during every heartbeat.


Stroke volume is the amount of blood pumped from one ventricle in span of one minute.


An arteriole is classified as the largest type of artery.


Heart rate can influence cardiac output


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