Chat with us, powered by LiveChat In this assignment, you will review the Psychosis Interactive Case Study patient scenario and analyze the data to determine the health status of the patient. | WriteDen

In this assignment, you will review the Psychosis Interactive Case Study patient scenario and analyze the data to determine the health status of the patient.

NU643 Advance Psychopharmacology

Week 4 Assignment   

Psychosis Case Study


In this assignment, you will review the Psychosis Interactive Case Study patient scenario and analyze the data to determine the health status of the patient. You will need a minimum of two evidence-based practice articles to support your work.


Use the Psychosis Case Study Questions (Word) document to complete the case study assignment.


Follow the requirements posted in the rubric.


Interactive case studies should be three to five pages, excluding title and references pages.


All papers must conform to the most recent APA standards.


Psychosis Case Study Transcript


Chief Complaint: Everly Mann is a 24-year-old African-American female presenting to the clinic with a report of “I see lots of spiders crawling on my body and hands and legs, but no one else can see them. I feel them on my arms and legs. I think they are attracted to the hamburgers.”


History of Present Illness:


Onset: Diagnosed 1 year ago after first psychotic break, voices returned recently as well as tactile and visual hallucinations—spiders on legs and feet. Presents with disheveled appearance, flat affect, tangential speech, reports auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations daily, some audio hallucinations as well and states her thoughts are being told to others aloud.


Location: Is distracted and poorly performing at work, misses work and is frequently late and unable to concentrate at home with family or alone as well.


Duration: Symptoms are continuous. Auditory hallucinations returned about 6 weeks ago and have drastically increased. Tactile and visual hallucination returned about 5 weeks ago and have gradually increased.


Characteristics: Hears three voices talking to her, “a good voice and a mean voice and a third that is just blubber.” Reporting the “mean voice” making derogatory comments. Denies command voices.


Aggravating: When in public places, is very suspicious that others can hear her thoughts and possibly whispering about her. Has become agitated, chaotic, fearful, and yelled at strangers in public.


Relieving: Can be distracted for a while with music or a movie. Seroquel PO worked adequately for almost a year, then the patient felt she was well enough to stop medication.


Temporal: Worse in the a.m. after waking.


Severity: Outbursts at times when responding to voices or suspicious of others. Whispers constantly to answer voices.


Differentials: List the three most likely differential diagnoses based on her objective findings, with cited rationale.


What is the etiology/pathophysiology associated with each diagnosis?


What is the prevalence of each of these diagnoses?


Develop a plan of care for each of the three differential diagnoses, including the following:


Diagnostic testing


Pharmacologic interventions, including dosage, route, and frequency


Nonpharmacologic interventions, including modality and frequency


Education, including health promotion, maintenance, and psychosocial needs


Safety plan


Referrals required


Follow-up, including return to clinic (RTC) in what time frame and reason, including any labs needed for next visit


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