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In this question, you will writ a proposal that will address: The product. The intended audience. A rational


 In this question, you will writ a proposal that will address:

  • The product.
  • The intended audience.
  • A rationale for development of the project.
  • The objectives of the project.
  • The scope of the project.

The objectives of your project are based on the outcome you would expect from the application of this product in this area. Using the example of school leadership, you might have objectives such as these:

  • To have an understanding of the current literature (15–20 resources) on school leadership training.
  • To identify what participants in a school leadership training course want out of such a course.
  • To understand what current school leadership training courses contain.
  • To create a school leadership training course that reflects both what is currently known about school leadership training and what school leadership training participants want in such a course.
  • To develop a plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the school leadership training course.

Question: For this question, you will develop a proposal for your project. The project has two major components:

  1. The research and analysis paper concerning the development of a standalone product.
  2. The standalone product that will be contained in the appendix to the paper and that serves as the basis of the research and analysis paper.

For this question, write a proposal for the project that includes the following:

  • Product: Develop a brief description of the product you will develop for your capstone project. Review the product examples in the project description for ideas.
  • Audience Analysis: Briefly describe the intended audience and setting for your product, and how the audience will use the product you create.
  • Rationale: Explain how your product will fit a need within your field and how it aligns to each of the Higher Education Leadership and Administration specialization outcomes. Also, discuss your interest in completing the project and how it will help you grow as a practitioner-scholar.
  • Objectives: Define 3–5 specific objectives that identify the purpose of your project and what you hope to learn as a practitioner-scholar in developing your capstone project.
  • Scope: Describe the main sections or components of the body of your project, which contain the research and analysis necessary to create your product and define what is and what is not included in the body of your project. Also, discuss how you will accomplish your capstone project within the timeframe of the course.
  • Methods: Describe the methods you will use to complete your project. For example, reviewing the current literature on leadership in higher education, reviewing similar existing products, et cetera.

 Remember, must be a product that addresses an educational need directly related to your Higher Education Leadership and Administration specialization, and it must be a product that can be implemented in a higher education setting.  To successfully complete you will be expected to:

  1. Propose a product to facilitate higher education leadership and administration.
  2. Describe project scope and objectives for a higher education leadership product.
  3. Justify the importance of a product to meet a need in higher education utilizing leadership best practices.

Question is attached below.   *QuestionHM*

Use product.doc attachment to help with question.


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