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In this third paper, you are going to describe your airports landside, with a focus on the terminal, ground access, aircraft parking/configuration, and automob

 In this third paper, you are going to describe your airport’s landside, with a focus on the terminal, ground access, aircraft parking/configuration, and automobile parking. The airport that was selected is the Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport. This is a great opportunity to incorporate a graphic or two into your paper (terminal design, access roads, etc.). The report should be a minimum of two pages in length (not including the reference page and graphics).

In the attachment section are the previous papers on this topic.

Use 3 references within this paper with in-text citations. 

If it helps, break out the topic into mini-headings. Keep in mind that the paper must adhere to the current APA style format, including the use of references and citations. Thus, it is strongly recommended that each “mini” paper adheres to the same writing conventions. 



Airport Research Project: Airport Airside




Airside in the airport is that area of an airport between the airspace and the boarding gates, and it is composed of major elements such as runways, navigation systems, and taxiways. The Federal Aviation Administration's primary duty is to take jurisdiction over the airside through funding to maintain and operate control towers and navigation systems (Baltimore Washington Airport, 2022). The capacity of an airside largely depends on the length and number of the major components of the airside and the airspace's availability. The Thurgood Marshall Airport airside was designed by L&B's Master Plan airside analysis, which focused on bringing the airport facilities into compliance with Federal Aviation Administration standards (Baltimore Washington Airport, 2022). The design of the terminal area was focused on the accommodation of the available airline gates and the aircraft parking areas, creating meter areas supported by amenities, passenger convenience, modernizing aging facilities, and increasing the location desirability of the concession space.

Ground support operations

BWI mostly concentrates its direct employment on airfield operations leaving specific tasks in-house. The airport offers airfield maintenance and operation training to its people since they know the complexity of their system (Baltimore Washington Airport, 2022). The organization contracts with the ASIG for carrier services like baggage handling systems and loading bridges. In addition, the group provides services such as ground handling, ramp services, Staffing ticket counters and gates, and aircraft fueling. The airport pays Maryland Transportation Authority Police to provide security in and around the airspace.

Airport maintenance.

The airport outsources facility maintenance and, in the process, supports a local social initiative. Chimes is an agency that is non-profitable and hires physically, intellectually, and mentally disabled people that enter into a contract with BWI for terminal cleaning services (Albin, 2021, March 4). The airport also contracts other agencies that are non-profit for exterior maintenance projects and landscaping services. In addition, outside contractors are hired to provide maintenance of equipment and infrastructure owned by the airport, with Walsh points to the parking lots and other vehicle points being maintained and operated from outside the contract. Again, Maryland Parking, a partnership of parking management and Tyroc Construction, operates parking garages and surface lots where the firm's employees collect customer-parking fees, provide vehicle assistance, conduct license plate surveys, and clean the lots.


In BWI, three runways are active, where runway 28 is used as the main takeoff way not unless unfavorable weather conditions force aircraft to use runway15 (AirNav, 2022). The second active runway is runway33, which is used as the landing runway, but if there is unfavorable wind and fog, the aircraft uses runway10. Thirdly, Runway 15 is for smaller commercial aircraft and general aviation.


The airport has taxiway B that offers access from the international concourse and northern cargo apron to the airport runway. The taxiway B project was constructed in 2019, where there was a full reconstruction of the taxiway along with an overlay of pavement, reconstruction of lighting, pavement markings, and drainage and airfield signage (Baltimore Washington Airport, 2022).


At BWI Airport, there are 77 gates spread across five concourses; of these, 13 are designated for international travel. Concourses A and B have a total of 30 gates and are reserved only for usage by Southwest, but concourse C, which has a total of 14 gates, is shared between Southwest and American. Concourse D comprises 23 gates, all of which are utilized by various international airlines.

Ground transportation

A station for a light rail line and a passenger van provides service to and from the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland and are located within the primary terminal. Many private automobiles, taxi services, rental car companies, and hotel shuttles are also available to transport travelers from BWI Airport to the many area hotels.


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