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Interprofessional Collaboration Using Technology Through Telehealth

Group Assignment Instructions:

This group assignment will begin in week 2 and end in week 7. There are four important steps.

Step 1: Complete the Group Work Agreement (due at the end of week 2)

Step 2: Prepare a group PowerPoint Presentation (due at the end of week 7)

Step 3: Complete a Peer Review Form (due at the end of week 8)

Step 4: Post the Presentation to the week 8 discussion area (due at the end of week 8)

 The Scenario

Please consider the following scenario:

You have been assigned as one member of a 3-4-member interprofessional healthcare team that has been assembled to create an educational tutorial on the use of telehealth. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the use of telehealth to provide care for patients who live too far away from primary care and acute care settings. Consider how you might address the patient related to their concerns on using technology to receive care.

This is a group project. The group is expected to create a voiced-over PowerPoint presentation on using Telehealth technology and/or phone applications to educate patients and improve on the incidence and/or readmission rates of patients with chronic conditions.  The presentation should be approximately15 minutes long. Please note: ONLY ONE person in the group is to submit the PowerPoint presentation for the group.

Step 1: Complete the Group Work Agreement

Complete the group work agreement. One member of the group will submit the group work agreement to the assignment dropbox in week 2.

Step 2: Prepare a group PowerPoint Presentation

The group presentation needs to include thorough answers to the following questions (approximately 17 slides total – counting the title slide and reference slide):

1) Title slide – include each team member’s name, title, and course name

2) What is telehealth?

3) How can telehealth be delivered to the patient?

4) Describe four different methods of telehealth delivery.

a. Live Video-Conferencing

b. Asynchronous Video (AKA Store-and-Forward)

c. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

d. Mobile Health (mHealth)

5) How can telehealth improve patient outcomes?

6) In what clinical and non-clinical ways is telehealth used?

7) What impact does telehealth have on patient safety?

8) Address concerns that patients might express about using the four methods of technology?

9) What policies might the interprofessional team propose to address these concerns?

10) Conclusion – How can we optimize patient education on the use of telehealth technologies?

11) Reference list – Use APA format to cite references

 Rationale for Group Work

The rationale of the group work provides us with an opportunity to navigate the challenges we face with technology. Think of this project as if you were an interdisciplinary team but you all work on different units at the same facility. There are barriers associated with working on different units. Health care providers are also creative critical thinkers. We often can see through the barriers to see to the solutions. This, in essence, is the foundation of this assignment. Working on a team without having to be in the same room to bring technology to a patient without them having to be in the same room to reap the benefits from it.

Further, the group project is the type of activity that you will see at some point in a Bachelor’s degree program, as it is an accreditation requirement and also an activity that meets the American Association of the College of Nurses’ Essentials of Baccalaureate Education, Essential VI, Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for Improving Patient Health Outcomes. More and more you will see an integration of group work in advancing degree programs because interprofessional collaboration and communication have become vital to the improvement of patient outcomes. Hospitals and other health care facilities are being incentivized, via Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements related to improved outcomes directly associated with improved caregiver communication and collaboration (Nester, 2016).


American Association of the College of Nurses (AACN). (2008). Essentials of Baccalaureate of Education: Essential VI – Interprofessional communication and collaboration for improving patient health outcomes. Retrieved from

Nester, J. (2016). The importance of interprofessional practice and education in the era of accountable care. The North Carolina Medical Journal, 77 (2), p. 128-132. doi. 10.18043/ncm.77.2.128



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