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Interview a Nursing Leader

Interview a Nursing Leader. Develop questions about the practice change process and how practice change was used to influence patient outcomes. Discuss how the outcome was chosen and what goals were intended by the practice change process. Include how success or failure was achieved and what metrics were developed or used to determine the outcome of the practice change. Include a discussion of the practice change process, what the Nursing Leader’s expectations were and if these expectations were met. Describe anything the Nursing Leader would have liked to done differently in implementing the change.


I have attached the interview with the Nurse Leader that must be incorporated into this paper.


5 Practice Changes to be discussed.

1. Establishing Electronic Medical Records to replace paper charting for clinical practice to maximize clinical effectiveness. Changes in implementation: The clinic was not prepared with how quickly they transitioned to the EMR and many older staff with less technology proficiency had difficulty. There should have been more periodic staff meetings to ensure that the system was incorporated successfully and ensure that all staff was comfortable with operating it. Initially no feedback from employees regarding the system was considered because the Facility demanded a quick transition and complete cooporation. Nemeth, L. S., Feifer, C., Stuart, G. W., & Ornstein, S. M. (2008). Implementing change in primary care practices using electronic medical records: a conceptual framework. Implementation science : IS, 3, 3.


2. COVID-19 Pandemic Facility Changes in order to promote safety of staff and patients. Changes to implementation: more education regarding exact CDC policies and follow-up meetings to discuss any updates on policies (the staff had to research this on theur own and often information was conflicting which caused confusion).


3. Establishing ECG screening in primary care in order to improve patient outcomes. Improvements in implementation would be follow-up in training of new staff in order to ensure that they understood the anatomic locations for placement and how to position wires, as well as training for all staff on interpreting EKG (which was not done). Somsen G. A. (2020). The role of ECG screening in primary care; a call for collaboration between general practitioner and cardiologist. Netherlands heart journal : monthly journal of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology and the Netherlands Heart Foundation, 28(4), 190–191.

4. New employee training and shadowing as mandatory for all employees starting at the clinic to improve employee morale and patient outcomes. Implementation changes: The employee training and short and not complete sometimes due to inadequate staffing and time for training. Many times Medical assistants and practitioners are expected to perform duties they are not prepared for and this increases medical errors.


5. Establishing mental health screening at annual check-ups to ensure physical and mental health for all patients. Implementation changes: There should be screening for the mental health of employees to ensure work-life balance as well.


Implementing Change – Your interview should be 2000-2500 words and should include at least five (5) citations. All journal articles must include DOI. Clearly mark each heading to identify the interviews and summaries. Follow the guidelines for APA 7th writing style. Be sure to use APA 7th guidelines for referencing in an interview.


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