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Interview project about the movies freedom writers

Interview project

Movie- freedom writers

I need to interview 3 different people

-my mom :retired school aid

-my sister: special ed co-teacher

-my brother :college students

Select the Subjects

Select your three subjects—they should be of different generations (ages 17, 30, and 60, as an example of a range) and have or hope to have careers that they practice now, studied in school, or practiced prior to retirement. Under no circumstances should you choose three subjects who all want to coaches or programmers. Acceptable careers run the gamut: home maker, lawyer, business person, or chef for example. Remember you will showing the same movie to each of the subjects. That movie can be any one of seven core movies from our course.

Show the Movie

Show the movie to the three subjects together or individually. The subjects need to view the movie as close in time to your interview with them so it is fresh in their mind. Even if they saw the movie before, they need to view it again. If you find that you need to show the movie to all three subjects at the same time, make sure that the subjects do not comment aloud about any aspect of the film. You don’t want to allow a subject to influence any other subject.

Interview the Subjects

Use the interview guide as a guide; it is, of course, a guide, but you should try as best you can to have a spontaneous conversation with your subjects. Don’t memorize the guide or read it out loud word for word but know what you want to find out and have those goals lead you. It’s essential that you listen and pay attention to what the subjects are saying. It is not your task to comment on what they are saying or judge them in any way. If you are unclear about what you subjects mean, use further probes to dig deeper. Say something like, “Let me tell you what I think you said.” (you rephrase what they said.) “Did I get that right?” Your job is to clarify not judge or comment. During this interview, you are not to express your opinions on anything or discount anything your subject says. If the subject wants to follow a novel idea, allow the subject to do so. Then return to the topics of the guide. It’s your job to keep the interview from moving in directions that may be interesting but are not the real focus of what you want to find out.

Decide if you want to record the interviews or take notes. After the interview, if you recorded it, transcribe those sections you know you will use. If you take notes, it’s even more important to type down what they said so you can quote accurately.

Interpret Your Information

Your job is to present your findings in your interview paper. Instead of sitting down and just typing out anything that comes into your mind, allow yourself a moment to think about what they had to say. You may or may want to talk about trends. Here is an example of what you might conclude: “each subject mentioned his or her own experiences and used those personal examples to comment on this teacher.” You might want to compare/contrast. Here is an example: “I was surprised how my mother really respected teachers, although in the past she had commented on the low salary. In contrast, my little brother and my roommate thought each of the teachers in the films should get a job with higher salary.”

Present Your Findings and Draw Conclusions for Your Paper

Begin this paper with important information: first the movie you selected and why. Did you choose the movie with the subjects in mind? Or, did you select the movie and then collect your subjects. Then, discussion who the subjects are–age and relationship to you. You can refer to your subjects by initials, first name, or pseudonyms. Describe each subject in terms of age, education, career, and other personal information that seems relevant. Finally, describe the setting and time of day when each viewing and interviewing took place.

At this point, you can organize the paper person by person or topic by topic. So, you can either summarize your findings one subject at a time or you can write about one particular issue at time from the perspective of each of the subjects and then move to the next topic.

Finally, draw conclusions about your subjects as a group of three: similarities and differences, what surprised you, and/or what you predicted. Write about what you learned about how non-film types or non-education types view these films. Be bold in your conclusions! This last section should be thoughtfully constructed and filled with specifics (quotes or level of attention) that sparked these conclusion. This conclusion is meaningful and should not be seen by you as a two sentence quickie; the conclusion should be connected to the body of the paper. Here is where you write about how predicable, surprising, or of his/her generation the response seems to you. Many students have been absolutely startled at the responses of people they thought they knew well!


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