Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Introduction For this task, you will begin researching your topic. In the next section of the class, you | WriteDen

Introduction For this task, you will begin researching your topic. In the next section of the class, you

For this task, you will begin researching your topic. In the next section of the class, you will begin to outline an argument about this topic, so right now, it's important for you to research both sides of the argument so you know which side you plan to argue. Aim to gather varied evidence for your side of the argument in this research assignment. 
You are required to find at least four sources for this assignment. Two of these MUST be scholarly articles accessed using the FTCC Library databases (or Google Scholar). The other two sources may be scholarly journals OR other quality, academic sources. The Assignment
After you complete your research, craft a Works Cited page that notes each source you plan to use in your paper (at least four total). On the second page of your document after the Works Cited page, please write a short narrative (2-3 paragraphs) detailing your research process, what you learned about research and your topic, and how you will use this research in your upcoming argument. 
Resources Review the Research and Documentation Quiz readings for this assignment.Works Cited example:  Works Cited Page Example.docx Works Cited Page Example.docx – Alternative FormatsVideo on Works Cited page: the OWL at Purdue MLA website for additional guidance on MLA citation style: (opens in a new window)Template:  Template for the Research Process.docx Template for the Research Process.docx – Alternative FormatsAcceptable Length
This assignment should be, at minimum, two pages: one for the Works Cited page and one for the research reflection. Formatting Requirements

  • Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title at the top of the document.
  • Use one-inch margins.
  • Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Use double line spacing in the document.
  • Follow MLA format for the entire document. 

Grading Criteria
25 points: Student selects quality, academic sources.50 points: Student examines research experience with strong paragraph writing, to include examples and analysis.25 points: Student polishes document for clear, academic writing and strong MLA documentation.  SafeAssign GuidanceThe overall score noted in a SafeAssign originality report is an indicator of the percentage of the submitted paper matching existing sources. This score is a warning indicator only and papers should be reviewed to see if the matches are properly attributed.

  • Scores below 15 percent: These papers typical include some quotes and few common phrases or blocks of text that match other documents. These papers typically do not require further analysis, as there is no evidence of plagiarism in these papers.
  • Scores between 15 percent and 40 percent: These papers include extensive quoted or paraphrased material or they may include plagiarism. These papers should be reviewed to determine if the matching content is properly attributed.
  • Scores over 40 percent: There is a very high probability that text in this paper was copied from other sources. These papers likely include quoted or paraphrased text in excess and should be reviewed for plagiarism.


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