Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Joan is a 39 y/o female who presents to the clinic with a chief complaint of: 3-day history of fever (101 F degrees), chills, n & v, and flank pain. | WriteDen

Joan is a 39 y/o female who presents to the clinic with a chief complaint of: 3-day history of fever (101 F degrees), chills, n & v, and flank pain.


NRNP6568 Synthesis in Advanced Nursing Practice Care of Patients in Family Care Settings

Week 5 Comprehensive Quiz

Question 1Joan is a 39 y/o female who presents to the clinic with a chief complaint of: 3-day history of fever (101 F degrees), chills, n & v, and flank pain. During the physical exam, the NP notices that Joan has CVA tenderness. In a urine check, the NP notes that she has many leukocytes, hematuria, WBC casts, and mild proteinuria. Complications for Joan would include all the following except:


Selected Answer:           




Renal failure


 Gram-positive septicemia


None of the above


Question 2Mike is a 56 y/o male who lives in an abandoned building with about 40 other people who are homeless. He comes to the clinic with a social worker who describes his symptoms as: a cough, dyspnea, pleuritic chest pain, fever and tachypnea. In your physical exam, you learn that he has some consolidation in the lower lobes with an audible friction rub. To treat Mike’s problem, the most appropriate pharmacological agent would be:


Selected Answer:           










Question 3Mike is a 22 y/o male who comes to your clinic with a 5-day history of cough without sputum production. He states that his cough is worse in the morning and he has some hoarseness, post-nasal drip, and a low-grade fever. Mike has otherwise been healthy. Differentials for Mike might include which of the following?








All of the above


Question 4Artie, a 36 y/o male, comes to the clinic with chief complaint of: intermittent flank one side flank pain. The pain is an 8 on a scale of 1–10, with 10 being the worst pain he has ever felt. He states the pain lasts from 20–60 minutes and that he must either stand or walk when the pain hits. He also notes that he has blood in his urine. His most likely diagnosis is:


Selected Answer:           


 Nephrolithiasis (kidney stone)


Acute pyelonephritis


 Nephrolithiasis (kidney stone)


Bladder cancer


None of the above


Question 5Diabetes mellitus causes both microvascular and macrovascular damage. All of the following are indications of microvascular damage except:


Selected Answer:           










Question 6Once cervical cancer screening is initiated in women, the screening interval should be:


Selected Answer:           


 Every 3 years


Every 2 years


 Every 4 years


Every 5 years


Question 7Deep palpation of the left lower quadrant of the abdomen causes referred pain to the RLQ. This is a positive for:


Selected Answer:           


 Rovsing’s sign


 Psoas sign


McBurney’s point


Murphy’s maneuver


Question 8Hemoglobin A1C is the average glucose level of what length of time?


Selected Answer:           


 3 months


1 month


2 months


4 months


Question 9Pityriasis rosea is described as having a Christmas tree–like pattern.


Selected Answer:           






Question 10Randy is a 29 y/o African American male who has a body mass index (BMI) of 30, does not exercise, and has evidence of metabolic syndrome. His most likely diagnosis is:


Selected Answer:           


 DM type 2


DM type 1


None of the above


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