Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words. ??Your required replies to your classmates should include:? what you do agree and / or disagree with their post and do yo | WriteDen

Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words. ??Your required replies to your classmates should include:? what you do agree and / or disagree with their post and do yo

 Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words.   Your required replies to your classmates should include:  what you do agree and / or disagree with their post and do you have any questions about their perception of the sources?  Please differentiate which reply is which.  150 words minimum per reply. This is like a conversation. The first file is my discussion. And the second file is the reply post.  



History Discussion

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Industrialization changed people's lives significantly, especially regarding migration, as people moved to the newly constructed and improved areas, thus increasing the population in various areas and allowing them to explore opportunities. Rochester has been praised throughout the Union for exhibiting one of the most outstanding examples of rapid growth in size and population that that nation has to offer, which can signify the significant way industrialization has changed people's lives (The American Yawp Reader, n.d). There was an increase in the population, the number of homes, and most importantly, the number of acres of cleared land. In addition, industrialization brought changes to benefit individuals, including improving access to churches, marketplaces, and other public amenities.

Life before and after industrialization was considerably different. For example, life before industrialization was not marked by significant movement from one area to another. However, after industrialization, individuals moved in search of greener pastures and enjoyed the new changes birthed by industrialization. Growth in individual pleasure and prosperity, as well as national glory and power, were other ways industrialization changed lives. This increase should be promoted using all available tools since it will be the greatest gift to the nation. Before industrialization, countries did not experience a rise in demand for products, as seen in the increase after industrialization. The Erie Canal is the principal driver of Rochester's agricultural and commercial prosperity because it transforms that town into the hub of the prosperous agricultural districts that border the Genesee River (The American Yawp Reader, n.d). As a result, the capitalists of Rochester exported and imported massive amounts of wheat, beef, and pork, whiskey, pearl ashes, and other goods. In exchange for these items, Rochester provided the neighboring nation with various manufactured commodities transported up the canal from New York.

People and businesses faced significant challenges. The Market Revolution aggravated prevailing conflicts between the rich and the poor, notably between the new manager and worker classes. In Massachusetts, , there was one of the country's earliest cotton industrial worker strikes taking place in 1836 (The American Yawp Reader, n.d). After it was discovered that the pay would be reduced, there was a significant outrage, and a huge strike was called. The mills were shut, and the girls marched Chapel Hill from their various establishments to hear speeches by labor reformers. Additionally, the gap between the poor and the wealthy continued to grow.

The article "The High Cost of Being Poor" has changed my view of this period since it highlighted how the period, despite having noteworthy development, is also making life challenging for the poor. They pay fees for items like banking and financial services that most Americans take for granted daily. 9.6 million households lack a banking account, making them unbanked (Picchi, 2015). Due to this, many people are forced to use services like check-cashing businesses, where costs might reach 10% of the check's value. For low-income workers, prepaid debit cards are also common, but they, too, have fees.

Women have been treated differently by receiving low wages in work settings. Most of the girls left the mill workers' strike phase as the pay decreased and went home or to new jobs that were rapidly opening to females until very few old guards left. The walkout was not just about the pay being cut; there were other issues. The firms intended to have the young women pay the amount; besides dropping wages, would lead to a difference of at least one dollar weekly (The American Yawp Reader, n.d). Formerly, the firms had contributed twenty-five cents weekly towards each operative’s board.

One new thing I have learned is about the harmful practices governments engage in to benefit from the poor. The widening disparity between the rich and the poor can be explained by the emergence of for-profit probation businesses, which are now used by more than 1,000 courts nationwide (Picchi, 2015). As part of their "offender-funded" model of privatized probation, the corporations impose additional costs on low-income Americans who cannot afford to pay a traffic ticket in full, sometimes more than tripling the initial amount (Picchi, 2015). Because their local stores charge more, poor households pay more for food than wealthy consumers. According to a recent study, the poor pay more for toilet paper because they cannot afford larger packets, which would reduce the average price.


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Reply A Valary O

Initially, the North relied on small scale farming that fed them, and industrialization spread from New England. The rivers at the north were a good source of energy when they began making their own tools and inventions. The social and economic transformation of industrialization in the North had both positive and negative outcomes. Hand tools were replaced with power driven machinery resulting in an influx of workers in the North. Different families were performing different tasks in factories including cutting shoe soles while others cut leather in shoe factories. Products could be produced in large numbers and transportation improved and it could be done through canals, ships, and trains making trade easier to do. Communication improved and it was way faster with the invention of the telegram. With the railroads, people could travel and get jobs in further places. From the article ‘High costs of Being Poor’ it was surprising to learn how states can take resources from foster children and the elderly, including burial plots. It is just the same as being poor before and even after the industrial period because there were many problems facing the working class who barely had rights to protect them, and they had to fight through unions. In one of the YAWP readings, a strike occurred in the Mills when they wanted to reduce women’s wages. The strikes negatively affected the businesses and the economy at large in a negative way. Women were paid way less than men and as stated in the text, page 239, the wives of laborers took care of their homes and children. This has since changed and despite gender inequalities still existing in our society, women have been able to take up jobs and be successful even in the male dominated fields.

Reply B Marcus T

Industrialization made the lives of some people so much easier. It allowed them to obtain items that were once only thought of for the rich such as wallpaper, clocks, clothing and much more. It allowed people to profit more from less labor due to the machines being partially autonomous, just needing about 2 people to operate on it. It also changed the lives of the people working there. The workers in big factories were overworked, underpaid, worked in the worst conditions ever and overall, just had it terrible. Before the Industrial Revolution, things went slow. Clothes and such were made by hand and were expensive, and people had little of those things as a result. After the Industrial Revolution, things like this were more accessible to the common person and allowed for more items to be bought for cheaper due to more being produced. With the usage of the machines, people's jobs became deskilled, basically they were easily replaceable and that made their jobs to be unsecured. Also, with the unsafe working conditions and low wages, people began to protest and go on strike. This caused a halt in production of companies and made the businesses lose money. I am not really surprised after reading the article of The High Cost of Being Poor. The reason being my parents started out very poor. Out of high school they already had a 1-year-old, my sister, and have struggled since then. It wasn't until 8 months ago that they finally became financially stable, my sister is 27. Growing up I was never able to have what the other kids had, the food on the table wasn't always filled with vegetables and other stuff, it was usually what was cheapest at the store, and we never ate out at restaurants unless someone else paid. I know what a high expense is to be poor, that's why I am not surprised, or my perspective isn't changed. I sincerely did not know that Britain began the Industrial Revolution. It really surprised me to read the prompt for the beginning of this assignment and to have Britain become the start. I also found it ridiculous that they didn't allow the people that knew how to make the machines and such to come to America. People have been and still are now so greedy it makes me sick.


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