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LED Strips Integration and Sampling Timer Worksheet

Here is the description and purpose of my project. Please view Doc file for more information, graph and explanation are included. Everything has to work with Essentia, All I need for this project is coding for only these parts (PYTHON ONLY, no need for RasPi and Arduino):
Lighting Integration which includes:
Changing Strobe Speed

LED Connections
Sampling timer which includes:

Sampling Timer – Set Wait Time

Sampling Timer – Get Wait Time


Sampling Timer – Get Sample Time


Document purpose

The purpose of this document is to describe how the AtmosphericBG program shall be structured, describe the requirements for its operation, and provide tests to prove that it is operational.

Product overview

Problem statements

Music, smart lighting, and desktop themes/backgrounds are all something that define the experience of using a personal computer every day. However, there are no programs that combine these three aspects to easily make an immersive experience.

Proposed solution

With AtmosphericBG, desktop backgrounds can be changed in real time based on the music that is being played by utilizing deep learning. It provides a more immersive experience dynamically.


There are many programs out there that can change smart lighting and have music integration. Other programs can change your desktop theme. No program, however, can change both theme and lighting off musical aspects.

Product functionality


Core Functionality – Desktop overlay and dynamic background switching

System requirements

Functional requirements

2.1.1. App Detection/Selection

[REQ-1] The program shall use the Windows Volume Mixer to determine

which apps can be sampled from.

[REQ-2] There shall be a menu where the user can choose an app

[REQ-3] The program shall display which apps are available to the user when the app selection button is pressed.

[REQ-4] After pressing the app selection button, the program shall allow the user to choose an available app for audio analysis.

2.1.2. Visualizer

[REQ-5] The program shall allow the user to enable/disable the desktop visualizer

[REQ-6] The program shall allow the user to choose a desktop visualizer to use.

2.1.3. Desktop Widget

[REQ-7] The program shall allow the user to enable/disable the desktop widget.

[REQ-8] The desktop widget shall have a single button to pause and play music.

[REQ-9] The desktop widget shall have a button to skip to the next song.

[REQ-10] The desktop widget shall have a volume slider that changes the volume of the currently selected app.

[REQ-11] The desktop widget shall have a slider that allows users to change the current time within the song.

2.1.4. Dynamically generated background

[REQ-] The program shall be able to dynamically create backgrounds separate from the photo library

[REQ-] The program shall allow the user to select which mode of backgrounds they wish to use

2.1.5. Photo Library

[REQ-12] The program shall allow users to add photos to the library.

[REQ-13] The program shall allow users to remove undesired photos from the library.

[REQ-14] The program shall allow users to edit the tags of photos currently in the library.

[REQ-15] The program shall only access photos in directories with which it has access and which have been added to the library.

[REQ-16] The program shall change desktop background to an appropriate photofrom the photo library.

[REQ-17] The program shall store the location of each photo along with the applied tags in a JSON file.

2.1.6. Sampling Timer

[REQ-18] The program shall begin sampling from the audio source every 30 seconds and continue to sample for 15 seconds by default (45 seconds total).

[REQ-19] The program shall allow the user to change the default sampling intervals to intervals of his/her choosing, up to a limit.

[REQ-20] The program shall not change the desktop background if no music is playing during a sampling period.

2.1.7. Lighting Integration

[REQ-21] The program shall allow any smart lighting connected to desktop via USB.

[REQ-22] The program shall allow the user to select up to 2 LED strips to synchronize with.

Non-functional requirements

2.2.1. User System Requirements

[REQ-23] The user shall use Windows 10 operating system.

[REQ-24] The program shall be able to access the Windows Sound Mixer.

2.2.2. Light Strip Requirements

[REQ-25] The program shall have exclusive use of the light strip during its operation.

2.2.3. Usability

[REQ-26] The program shall scale the strobe rate of the LED strips.

[REQ-27] The program shall change the color of the LED strips according to the mood.

2.2.4. Performance

[REQ-28] The speed at which the desktop change’s theme shall be no more than five seconds after the music analysis is complete.


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