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Legalization of Marijuana in Texas

GOVT2305 Federal Government

Unit 2 Extra Credit

Legalization of Marijuana in Texas

In the most recent Texas legislative regular session (Jan-May of 2019), the Texas Legislature considered many aspects of the legalization of marijuana (cannabis). Ultimately, though, very few changes in the law in Texas occurred. There was initially a push to make possession of cannabis, in small amounts, a Class C misdemeanor, which would have resulted in no time spent in jail, only a fine paid similar to that of a traffic ticket. However, whatever impetus that bill had in the beginning, stalled out in the Texas Senate toward the end of the regular session.


Task 1: Do you think possession of cannabis, in any amount, should be fully legalized in Texas? Why or why not? Explain in a brief paragraph your position on this important question.


Task 2: Imagine that you are a state senator on a standing committee that has been sent a bill that would remove any penalties for possession of marijuana in any amounts. What specific questions or concerns should be researched or addressed by your committee regarding the pros and cons of full legalization of cannabis?  Think in terms of impacts on society, both good and bad. If the decision were up to you, what would be responsible questions to be asked, researched and answered before you could make an informed decision? List 5 such questions.


Your answers should be produced in a separate document, Word Format preferred, and submitted through the portal created for this Unit 2 Extra Credit Assignment. Your submission is due by 11:59 p.m. on December 29.  It is worth up to 5 pts added to your Module 5 Quiz.


Here is a link to the relevant parts of the Texas Health & Safety Code: Link (Links to an external site.)


Here is a link to Texas NORML. NORML is an interest group that has been advocating the legalization of cannabis for decades: Link


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