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Liquids have a variable shape, but a fixed volume.

CHEM1305 Introductory Chemistry

Chapter 11 Homework Assignment  

Question 1Liquids have a variable shape, but a fixed volume.





 Question 2What type of intermolecular forces exist between molecules of Cl2?


  dipole-dipole attractions


  dispersion forces


  intramolecular bonding


  hydrogen bonding


 Question 3Which of the following liquids has the highest surface tension?










 Question 4Which of the following liquids has the highest viscosity?










 Question 5What is the term for the change of physical state from liquid to solid?










 Question 6Heat energy is NOT required to turn liquid water into gaseous water vapor.






 Question 7Use the phase diagram below to answer what physical state H2O is at 99 °C and 500 kPa.


A graph is shown where the x-axis is labeled “Temperature in degrees Celsius” and the y-axis is labeled “Pressure ( k P a ).” A line extends from the origin of the graph which is labeled “A” sharply upward to a point in the bottom third of the diagram labeled “B” where it branches into a line that slants slightly backward until it hits the highest point on the y-axis labeled “D” and a second line that extends to the upper right corner of the graph labeled “C”. C is labeled “Critical point, with a dotted line extending downward to the x-axis labeled 374 degrees Celsius, and another dotted line extending to the y-axis labeled 22,089 k P a. The two lines bisect the graph area to create three sections, labeled “Ice (solid)” near the middle left, “Water (liquid)” in the top middle and “Water vapor (gas)” near the bottom middle. Point B is labeled “Triple point” and has a dotted line extending downward to the x-axis labeled 0.01, and another dotted line extending to the y-axis labeled 0.6. Halfway between points B and C a dotted line extends from the originally discussed line downward to the point 100 degrees Celsius on the x-axis, and another dotted line extends to the y-axis at 101 k P a. Another dotted line extends from this dotted line downward at 0 degrees Celsius.








 Question 8Solids can readily compress and expand.






 Question 9Identify the type of crystalline solid (metallic, network covalent, ionic, or molecular) formed by each of the following substances:


a. Timetallic




 b. S8molecular


c. KBrionic


d. SiO2network covalent


Question 10Classify each substance as either a metallic, ionic, or molecular solid:


a) a hard, brittle substance that has a very high melting point metallic


b) a dull substance that is not soluble in water and has a low melting point molecular


c) a shiny substance that is a very good conductor of electricity ionic


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