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Listen to Podcast:?Freakonomics Radio Episode 258: Why Uber Is an Economist?s Dream?(Links to an external site.) Yo

Listen to Podcast: Freakonomics Radio Episode 258: Why Uber Is an Economist’s Dream (Links to an external site.)

You may stream  (Links to an external site.)the Podcast or read the transcript. 

The podcast is about 40 minutes.  While listening to the podcast, consider the economic concepts associated with Uber.


  1. Identify two economic concepts that are portrayed in the podcast.
  2. Use examples from the podcast to support your analysis.


  1. Your post should include at least 2 economic concepts relayed in the podcast.  Consider things like supply and demand (shifts and changes to quantity demanded and supplied), elasticity, and consumer surplus.
  2. Select a concept and link it to a specific passage from the podcast that illustrates the concept.
  3. You must make a post before viewing the posts of your classmates.  So, your initial post must contain the substantial content for which you would like to receive a grade.  If your initial post is blank or does not contain your full answer, you will not receive full points.
  4. You should write approximately 6 sentences and about 250 words. Please check your work for spelling and grammar errors to avoid a loss of points.
  5. Writing assignments are based on the 10 point rubric explained in the syllabus.
  6. As stated in the syllabus, academic honesty is imperative.  Any incidence of plagiarism will receive a score of zero.  This includes, but is not limited to, any part of your answer being found to be cut and pasted off the internet (including sites like Coursehero and Chegg), or if you change every other word by using synonyms.  
  7. If your response doesn’t match the questions, then you will receive a score of zero.


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