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Locate a recent article (from within the last 5 years) from the library?s databases OR interview a

  1. Locate a recent article (from within the last 5 years) from the library’s databases OR interview a business leader about how linear programming has been used to resolve a business problem. This may be a minimization/maximization, marketing, financial, production, or personnel problem.
  2. Summarize the problem presented in the article or interview.
  3. Explain the objective function and constraints the business faced in relation to this problem.
  4. Describe the linear programming model used to solve this problem.
  5. Provide the optimal solution presented in the article or interview.
  6. Summarize the final outcome of the implementation of the solution.
  7. Incorporate citations from the lecture videos.
  8. Discuss the role of wisdom in organizational leadership and decision-making? How does Jesus Christ embody true wisdom? How does this wisdom differ from worldly wisdom? How can true wisdom be used in conjunction with linear programming to resolve the business issue discussed in this paper?


  • Your summary should be between 500 and 750 words (not including the title and references pages).
  • Use proper APA formatting and citations throughout.


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