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Marketing Management Finalizing Quiz

Marketing Management Finalizing Quiz

Marketing Management Finalizing Quiz
Question 6 (1 point)
Today, many people are opposed to blood transfusions due to concerns about diseases that can be transmitted in blood plasma. Yet, many people need transfusions to survive accidents and surgeries. After expensive research and development, Biopure Corporation has developed a product that is a safe and effective substitute for blood plasma. Biopure’s product is already being used by veterinarians, but the U.S. government and the European Community have not given the product their approvals. This is an example of the _____ environment and the _____ working at cross-purposes.
Question 6 options:
technological; increased regulation of technological change
economic; technological
economic; political-legal
technological; social-cultural
political-legal; economic

Question 24 (1 point)
At regular intervals,, the largest Internet auction company, conducts intense all-day meetings with representative buyers and sellers. At these meetings, they discuss various aspects of the services eBay provides and what eBay could do to enhance those services. These meetings are part of eBay’s _____ system.
Question 24 options:
sales reporting
marketing research
experiential research data
accountability information system (AIS)
marketing intelligence
Question 33 (1 point)
The basis for segmentation that recognizes that not everyone who buys the product has the same needs or wants the same benefits from it.
Question 33 options:
Psychographic segmentation
Demographic segmentation
Needs-Based segmentation
market concentration
Geographic segmentation
Question 34 (1 point)
A(n) _____ market is characterized by a fairly narrowly defined market with a complete and distinct set of needs, and a willingness to pay a premium to meet those needs.
Question 34 options:
Question 37 (1 point)
Which of the following is an example of a behavioral segmentation variable?
Question 37 options:
user status
social class
Question 38 (1 point)
A marketer who selected a _________ segmentation strategy would find
this segmentation strategy has the greatest amount of risk associated
with it despite firms typically having a strong knowledge of the
segment’s needs and operating economies.
Question 38 options:
selective specialization
single-segment concentration
full market coverage
market specialization
product specialization
Question 42 (1 point)
The stage of the life cycle characterized by low sales, heavy promotion, low profit, and minimal competition is the _____ stage.
Question 42 options:
Question 44 (1 point)
When Gillette introduced the MACH 3 shaving system, Gillette charged 35 percent more than was currently being charged by its nearest competitor to communicate a quality image for the product. Because Gillette had patents that prevented competitors from quickly imitating the shaving system, a high initial price was placed on the product. Gillette used a _____ pricing strategy.
Question 44 options:
product-quality leadership
Question 45 (1 point)
When Rooms-to-Go furniture store offers customers “Nothing down, and no payments until 2008!” in order to entice customers to buy now, the furniture chain is using:
Question 45 options:
cash discounts
promotional pricing
trade allowances
functional discounts
loss-leader pricing
Question 47 (1 point)
Zoe was reading the newspaper while she watched television. An article in the newspaper on the new women’s football league caused Zoe to miss commercials for Mountain Dew, Claritin, and KFC. In terms of the communication process for the ads, the article that caught Zoe’s attention is an example of:
Question 47 options:
a feedback inhibitor
an unanticipated decoder
a reception barricade

Question 48 (1 point)
The first step in the development of effective communication is:
Question 48 options:
identifying the target audience
determining the communication objectives
designing the message
setting the budget
selecting the communication channels
Question 60 (1 point)
A ________ is a set of procedures and sources managers use to obtain everyday information about developments in the marketing environment.
Question 60 options:
vertical system
marketing intelligence system
marketing information system
product management system
marketing research system
Question 61 (1 point)
________ is the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company.
Question 61 options:
Marketing management
Marketing research
MIS (marketing information system)
Marketing intelligence
Question 67 (1 point)
A customer touch point in the airline industry would include an item such as ________.
Question 67 options:
ease of access to the airport
mechanics ability to service the airplanes
the value of air travel versus surface transportation
competency of a travel agent
Question 83 (1 point)
Which of the following is NOT one of the ways to convey a brand’s category membership?
Question 83 options:
announcing category benefits
relying on the product descriptor
comparing to exemplars
None of the above address the main ways to convey a brand’s category membership

Question 86 (1 point)
Today’s companies try to adapt their offers and terms to different buyers. ________ accounting tries to identify the real costs associated with serving each customer. It allocates indirect costs to the activities that use them and are tagged back to each customer.
Question 86 options:
Activity-based cost
Experience cost
Target costing
Direct product profitability
Cost accounting
Question 91 (1 point)
A ________ strategy involves the manufacturer using its sales force and trade promotion money to induce intermediaries to carry, promote, and sell the product to end users.
Question 91 options:
none of these
Question 92 (1 point)
Generally speaking, the use of peripheral cues, such as a celebrity endorser, would best attract what kind of shopper?
Question 92 options:
High value deal seekers
Low-involvement shoppers
High-involvement shoppers
Variety-loving shoppers
Habitual shoppers
Question 97 (1 point)
What kind of creative strategy would attempt to stir up emotions to motivate purchase?
Question 97 options:
transformational appeals
objective and task appeals
reverse engineering
none of these
informational appeals
Question 98 (1 point)
What aspect of designing the communication would be focused on deciding what celebrity to use in advertising?
Question 98 options:
creative strategy
Choice of personal communication channels
message source
communication objectives
none of these


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