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Marketing Plans Strategies Discussions Replies

you will be asked to post a brief synopsis of your Analytical Report, along with a few sentences about the kind of marketing plan you might deploy in support of your report. This board will help you think about your final report in broader terms as you work towards finishing it.

For this Discussion Board I’m asking you to think about your audience, your goals, and any problems/solutions your analytical report addresses and then to design a brief overview of a marketing plan you might use to either share the material with a target market, either to sell, educate, change behaviors or improve relations.  

Think about the following issues:

1) who might be interested in/need this information? (This will be different than who might receive your Analytical Report.) What is your marketing goal?

2) why would the information in your report be necessary for your audience?

3) based on your analysis of basic demographics of your chosen audience what medium would you choose to market/reach the audience (aka social media like FB, Twitter etc.., standard press releases, or celebrity endorsements?) You may choose any medium, combination you think would be most effective. 

4) For this submission your response should be at least 250 words and answer the above 3 questions at a minimum.

After you have posted your Synopsis and brief description of marketing plan, reply to three or more of your classmates’ postings. Include discussion about choice of medium, is it effective, are there other options you believe might reach the target audience better, do you think there’s another potential audience or goal? This is a place to be creative in your suggestions so feel free to share your creative ideas here.

Classmate 1:Hello and goof afternoon classmates and Professor Russell,    The analytical report presented is about reducing the usages on agriculture an order to better our communities and strengthen the environment.  Providing brief knowledge of what exactly is agriculture and providing my boss useful solutions and how exactly can the solutions stated reduce agricultural matters. I’ve also informed my boss about the methods of how agriculture affects not only ourselves but wildlife as well.   As my marketing goal is to reduce the usage agriculture, as agriculture as I provide and promote methods that would be as safe towards communities and the environment. A marketing plan I would deploy an order support my report would be pushing out green-marketing products using such terms like “organic” or ” eco-friendly”. Another marketing method I would utilize would be providing a visualization towards consumers, as I would obstruct the consumers favorite or known product and provide the type of farm management the company utilize and how might it affect the consumer. The information provided in my analytical report would be necessary towards my audience an order for consumers to understand that big farming industries that rely on such methods that helps strong productivity can also create pollution which haves a bigger affect on consumers. Based on my audience I would consider to reach out to them with social media and in- store ad’s I choose the two mediums because its  a store is somewhere where you would more likely to see agriculture pollution. In stores a lot of production is within the products that consumers get on a daily basis. Even so promoting such terms like organic and eco friendly would be more effective as it would provide on why such products that affect and harm us would be considered outdated. As for social media platforms, I prefer it would be better to give a visual example and what might agriculture create over time.Thank you, Paige, Mack

Classmate 2:I have created and designed play gyms for a no-kill animal shelter by the name of S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue in St. Augustine Florida, with the goal of providing the animals with some exercise and giving them the opportunity to entertain themselves. It is not possible for volunteers to be with every animal all the time. I collected volunteers and donations online, through family and friends and boy scouts. I was able to stay within my budget of $850.00. The project will be marketed toward potential adopters through social media word of mouth. The marketing audience will not be the same audience as the audience for the report, as the public is less interested in the budget and more interested in images of cute dogs using the equipment in the play gyms. This will show the public that improvements are being made at the animal shelter. Images’ will be featured on the website of the shelter.

Classmate 3:The analytical research report I am investigating is the Gender Pay Gap in America with a subtopic of race pay gap. Learning how these gaps are affecting society could be monumental resolving the issue that not only effects women but families in general. When we have the knowledge of how the pay gap is affecting families with issues such as food insecurities, we can make improvements to better assist in those gaps. With knowledge comes the power to change and fulfil those gaps in the system. More than ever before more women are held of their household and still responsible for taking care of their families, when we close the gap, we will be contributing to protecting our fellow American citizens from falling into the poverty level.As for the marketing aspect, I believe social media would be the most efficient way to reach out to the citizens everywhere. I could campaign the reasons why the pay gap is affecting the US in a negative way. I would promote more STEM programs specifically targeted to girls and women studying in higher education so why can fill the gaps with careers such as engineering or software development. Filling the gaps in these careers is a necessity to closing the pay gap.  Sylvia


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