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Mastery Assignment Paper & Presentation Instructions

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BSAD410 Global Business

Mastery Assignment Paper & Presentation Instructions

The Mastery Assignment consists of TWO components, both due at the end of Unit 6:

1. Final Research Paper – (150 points)

2. Video Presentation of Final Research Paper (125 points)

Click the links above to jump to the instructions for that component. You can also scroll down through this document.

1. Mastery Written Assignment: Final Research Paper


For this assignment, you are to write a formal 8-10 page, APA-formatted research paper on a topic of your choosing that relates to this course. Whatever the chosen topic, you must present an original argument or claim about that topic. Your argument/claim should be formulated both from what you’ve learned in class as well as from library research you’ve conducted. Your paper must be supported by citing at least five (5) credible sources outside of your textbook. (You can cite the textbook, but it doesn’t count as one of the five sources.)

Paper Requirements:

 APA format (i.e., cover page, abstract, references page, etc.)

 2000-2500 words (8-10 pages, not including cover page, abstract or references page)

 Well-organized and concise writing with proper spelling and grammar

 Supported by research from literature, class readings, presentations, and discussions.

 At least five (5) references are required (you can cite textbook, but it doesn’t count toward the


 Proper APA citations

 No more than 20% of your paper should be direct quotes from sources of any kind

 You MAY NOT use a paper from another class from Southwestern or any other college. As a

student, you are getting credit for each class and for doing the work in each class.


The topic of your Final Research Paper must relate to this course. You must submit your proposed topic for instructor review/approval in Unit 2 (worth 10 points of the 150 points). Start by reviewing the textbook to see if one of the chapters, case studies or theories interests you. If you choose to write about a particular company/companies, use the perspective of a company owner/executive who is heavily invested (in monetary, stock, sonority, etc.). Avoid using the perspective of an employee. Do not use a company you are currently employed with; we do not want to share proprietary information.



 Cross-cultural challenges in international business are …


2. Mastery Presentation Assignment: Narrated Video Presentation of Final Research Paper

Create a 12-15 minute narrated video presentation on your final research paper topic. The presentation is to be a synopsis of your completed Final Research Paper. Your presentation is due at the end of Unit 6, as is your Final Research Project.

1. Presentations must be made using your sckans Zoom Pro account along with presentation software of your choice (PowerPoint, Prezi, KeyNote, etc.) Your presentation must include speaker notes for each slide, whether embedded (if PowerPoint is used) or as an accompanying Word document. Creativity is encouraged. Your presentation should be presented in an engaging manner demonstrating your mastery of both the material and the technology.

2. Presentations should be a narrated visual presentation of the Final Research Paper topic. It can include animations, photographs, interviews, comments, drawings, activities, links, music, and movement, etc. Your voice is expected to be included in the presentation.

3. Since you have already written the Final Research Paper, this is not a reposting of the paper; rather, it is a summary of important findings in the research paper. Please keep the writing to a minimum. Words, phrases, captions, sayings may be added for effect; but the visual representation of the topic and concepts behind the topic are most important in the process to think about. Remember copyright rules, and please be careful of what is used from the Internet. Be certain to reference, cite, and get permission to use others’ work before including it in the project. APA rules are in effect for citations and references.



4. Final presentations should have the learner’s name, course information, and a title for the presentation that is consistent with the written project on the title page.

5. The presentation should be 12-15 minutes long, and should follow the written Final Paper project in content.

6. Consult the Undergraduate Presentation Grading Rubric for the grading criteria.


 Prepare a narrated video presentation that meets the assignment objectives and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric.

 You must use your sckans Zoom Pro account to record your presentation — for details, refer to the General Requirements for Narrated Video Presentations document in Unit 6 Assigned Reading a Preparation Activities.

 The presentation should include a title slide, content slides with citations of concepts and ideas that support the content presentation, and one or more references slides.

 Include speaker notes.

 Citations and references must be in APA format.

 The recommended length of the presentation is 12-15 minutes.

 Submit your completed presentation materials to Blackboard, as follows:

o Copy & paste the shareable link to the Zoom recording into the submission text box. o Attach the:

 slidedeck(e.g.,PowerPoint)file

 speaker notes (if saved as a Word document)

 Zoomaudiotranscriptfile(savedasaWorddocument)

o NOTE: Do NOT submit an mp4 file of the recording!

 If there is any reason that prevents the creation of a video presentation, please contact your

instructor to discuss an alternative.


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