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Match the primary skin lesion to the description

Week 5 Quiz 1: Skin, Hair, and Nails

Question 1Match the primary skin lesion to the description











Question 2A linear arrangement along a nerve distribution is a description of which type of skin lesion?


Select one:










Question 3A wood’s lamp is especially useful in diagnosing ________.


Select one:


 a.tine versicolor


 b.herpes zoster dermatitis


 d.all of the above


Question 4Which of the following questions will help the NP determine if the rash is associated with an immediate life-threatening condition?


Select one:


 a.How long have you had this rash?


 b.Does the rash involve mucous membranes?


 c.Have you had a rash like this before?


 d.Has the rash changed? If so, how?


Question 5The NP has identifies a solid, elevated, circumscribed lesion that is less than 1 cm in diameter and palpable into the dermis. The NP will correctly document this finding as a ________.


Select one:










Question 6 Which of the following objective findings would alert the NP to consider skin cancer in the list of differential diagnoses?


Select one:


 a.Annular and symmetrical lesion


 b.Blurred edges to a raised lesion


 c.Solid red raised lesion


 d.Diameter of 5 mm


Question 7The patient’s chart reveals a history of atopic dermatitis. The NP will anticipate that the patient will say ‘yes’ to which of the following subjective questions?


Select one:


 a.Is the rash painful or sore?


 b.Have you traveled recently?


 c.Do you have a fever?


 d.Does anyone in your family have chronic skin problems?


Question 8You have just read in the patient’s chart that she has a lesion that is confluent in nature. On examination, you would expect to find:


Select one:


 a.Lesions that run together.


 b. Irregular or geographic pattern not related to any underlying anatomic structure.


 c.More than one type of shape of lesion.


 d.Snakelike or creeping appearance to the lesion.


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