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MED100: 1Who manage and treat diseases through non-surgical means, such as anesthetics and other pain-reliving drugs?

MED100 Medical Terminology, Law and Ethics

Week 1 Daily Checkpoints

Question 1Who manage and treat diseases through non-surgical means, such as anesthetics and other pain-reliving drugs?


Medical Doctor

Internal Medicine Specialists


Placing the prefix anti- in front of a word means





Question 1What is the abbreviation for immediately?





Question 1Suffixes describe what?

Contains the main element of the term

Makes the term more specific

Condition or action of a body part

Question 1Syndrome is defined as

A non-random collection of clinical findings without an underlying etiology (cause).

A structural defect of an organ, part of an organ, or a larger region of the body that does not affect function.

A patter or group of related anomalies that occur together and characterize a specific disorder.

Question 1Malac- means





Question 1Family Grants

Family Grants will be awarded for 10% of the tuition remaining after transfer of credits if an applicant enrolls in a program offered by the Institution. The following criteria apply:

1. The Family Grant applies only to applicants who are immediate family members (father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, stepchild, spouse, or grandparent/grandchild) of either a graduate or a currently enrolled student in good standing (3.0 or above cumulative GPA with 90% attendance).

2. The grant is applied at the end of the program.

3. A student may share up to half of the value of the grant with a family member enrolling at the same time. Every subsequent enrolling family member is granted the Family Grant in an amount representing 10% of tuition.

4. The student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and 90% attendance.

5. The grant may not be combined with other institution scholarships or grants.

6. The grant applies to tuition only and does not result in a cash payment to the student or the student’s immediate family member. This grant is not transferable to non-family members and is a waiver of tuition

Question:What GPA must be maintained to be eligible for the Family Grant?






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