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American Military University Menu Analysis and Menu Engineering Paper
You will be in the role of restaurant consultant. A restaurant manager has hired you to help them increase profitability based on menu analysis. The assignment is to prepare a report that analyzes the menu and menu engineering results, along with suggestions to increase profitability.
The first part of your report should be analyzing the menu. Take into account the elements described in chapter 12 of your reading and provide a brief (2-3 paragraph) critique of the menu as it relates to everything you know about the SUPA bar and grill. Be sure to analyze at least 3 of the four elements of menu preparation listed here: (layout & design, variety, item arrangement & location, descriptive language). Be sure to find supporting sources to back up your critique (good and bad), make sure the analysis is not simply anecdotal or opinion. Be sure to identify suggestions for the manager, after all, they are paying you for your analysis and expert opinion.
The second part of your paper will be a menu analysis based on the attached Menu Engineering Worksheet, which the manager has prepared for you.
This section of your report will be four paragraphs – each one dedicated to one of the menu engineering classifications. (star, dog, plowhorse, puzzle) Begin each paragraph with the classification as the header.
For each paragraph, provide a summary of each of the menu engineering classifications and identify each of the menu items that would fall into that category. Be sure to explain to the manager why each item fell into the category it did and offer up suggestions related to each item, based on what you know about the restaurant, and what classification it is in.
The report should conclude with a brief concluding paragraph that sums up your main impressions as a consultant and a brief list of actionable items the manager could implement.