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Module 12: Critical Thinking? ? Personal Development Plan (115 points) Employee developm


Module 12: Critical Thinking 


Personal Development Plan (115 points)

Employee development is critical to an organization’s and an  individual’s success. Throughout Chapter 8, we have reviewed information  about personal development plans. We all have goals and objectives that  we hope to accomplish, which will allow us to grow and develop. It is  important that we create personal development plans to ensure that we  are working towards achieving the goals set forth.

For this assignment, you are required to create your own development  plan, which involves a short-term plan (spanning 1-2 years) and a  long-term plan (spanning 3-5 years). In both your short-term plan and  long-term plan, provide two development objectives, details regarding  how these objectives will be acquired, the timeframe associated with  skill/competency acquisition, and the type of support that you need from  a professional and personal standpoint. Consider, when developing these  objectives, utilizing SMART goals. 

In total, your plan should incorporate four development objectives  and associated details (e.g., two for the short-term plan and two for  the long-term plan). Remember that the goals identified are your own.  There is no right answer to the goals and objectives that you have  created. Therefore, be creative in this assignment submission, while  ensuring that you utilize the recommendations set forth in Chapter 8. 

For more information about SMART goals, which can help you when  determining your goals for this assignment, please utilize this  resource:

Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be  6-8 pages in length. With the exception of a title page, no citations  or references are required for this assignment. This should be an honest  assessment of your personal and professional needs. This assignment can  be written in paragraph form or it can be submitted in a bulleted  format with expanded comments. 
  • Applied  course material concepts, principles, theories and any applicable  analytical tools along with at least two scholarly peer-reviewed  sources.

Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.



Chapter 8 in Performance Management


Chapter 8 PowerPoint slidesPerformance Management

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Lancer, N., ∓ Eatough, V. (2018). One-to-one  coaching as a catalyst for personal development: An interpretative  phenomenological analysis of coaching undergraduates at a UK university. International Coaching Psychology Review, 13(1), 72-88. 

Sidhu, G. K., ∓ Nizam, I. (2020).  A target href.  Coaching and employee performance: The mediating effect of rewards ∓  recognition in Malaysian corporate context. International Journal of Management, Accounting ∓ Economics, 7(1), 41-72.


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