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TCAP Components #3. Instructional Unit & #4. Analysis of Student Work 


· Post Observation Conference– not later than 3-4 days after the Formal Lesson Observation.


All these MUST be submitted 24 hours prior the meeting:


1. Submit the same Students Achievement Chart from pre-observation but now with post-assessments results 


2. Submit lesson plan with revisions based on what you and your students did during the lesson that you taught. (Add questions you asked, the classroom management strategies you applied, timing for each section, feedback you provided, and etc.)


3. Submit Students’ Work (at least three examples from three different levels) with meaningful feedback  


4. Review the student work:


· what revision or what scaffolding would you provide to ensure the work is meeting the standards


5. Clearly outline how this revision provides students with opportunities to push their thinking


· Complete and submit 


· Student Work Analysis_Math.docx Download Student Work Analysis_Math.docx


· Student Work Analysis_ELA.docx Download Student Work Analysis_ELA.docx


6. Submit self-evaluation with evedence from low-inference notes  (JUST DOMAIN 3) using  Touro Rubric with evidence  Download Touro Rubric with evidence  


7. Contact your Field Supervisor to schedule your Post-Observation Conference not later than 3-4 days after the Formal Lesson Observation


During this meeting you will discuss the following: 


· identify your self-selected  glow/reinforcement area (using the lens of the HLP/Danielson domain)


· justify the  glow/reinforcement selection with evidence


· identify your self-selected  grow/refinement area


· justify the  grow/refinement selection with evidence


· name actionable next steps to improve the  grow/refinement and:


· how this will positively impact student achievement


· how this will support other evaluation instrument areas


· identify  actionable next-steps for  sustaining performance




· identify  actionable next-steps for  improving performance


*actionable – strategies used by the teacher to leverage and promote student learning


TCAP Components #3 Instructional Unit & #4. Analysis of Student Work