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Prompt: When reflecting on the 1968 Democratic National Convention protests, Todd Gitlin made following observation: The lesson I had barely begun to learn in 1968 is this: When the leading institutions and the top players act monstrously, the opposition is not morally free to stop thinking. It has to judge the consequences of its actions. The powers that be are not omnipotent. The powerless, as former Czech President Vaclav Havel wrote, have some powers. My hands are clean, the enemy is loathsome such defenses are abdications of moral choice. When al-Qaeda and ISIS massacre civilians, when the Khmer Rouge commits genocide in the name of anti-imperialism, when the Weather Underground plans to bomb a dance at Fort Dix, purity of principle is no alibi. Virtuous ends do not justify counterproductive means period. Do you agree with Gitlins observation? Make a case for your position.

-750 words,  use of at least 2 sources