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Networking Graphical user interfaces & Linux Questions

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Answer the following questions

Module 3 question about CLI vs GUI

In this module, you started learning how to work from the command line to interact with computers and other devices on the network. Working in a CLI (command-line interface) can feel intimidating and unfamiliar, especially if you have not used a CLI before. But, it also might provide options to automate functions and to do tasks you cannot do from a GUI. Think about your experiences during this module and in the past using both a GUI and a CLI, and do a little reading online to learn about other people’s perspectives on this issue. Then respond to the following questions:

  • What are some advantages of working with a GUI? Give an example of when a GUI is a better fit for the task.

Module 4 question about Linux Distros

Because Linux is a free, open source operating system, many companies and individuals have developed their own version of Linux. Each of these is called a distribution, or distro for short. You have already

worked with Ubuntu (pronounced oo-boon-too). Other popular Linux distros include MX Linux, Linux Mint, Debian, Elementary OS, Fedora, openSUSE (pronounced soo-suh), and Kali Linux. Note that while the Linux OS itself is free, some distros include other tools, trademarks, or support services, which incur a charge. One example of this is the robust Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Do some research online about three of these Linux distros, Then respond to the following question:

•  Which three Linux distros did you research?



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