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New requirements for the autoethnography file attached.? – Correct in-text citation: Citing an Interview – An appendix APA Style Guide. Autoeth

New requirements for the autoethnography file attached. 

– Correct in-text citation: Citing an Interview

– An appendix APA Style Guide.

The life of a writer is not for the faint of heart, nor is it a stroll on the moon. Since I started writing, a new road of self-discovery has opened up for me. In academic writing, scholarly articles are intended, and it is most often found in high schools and institutes of higher study. The use of precise formal styles in paragraph organization, phrase construction, page format, and even citations are required while writing academic works. Non-academic writing allows one to explore broad issues of interest in their many forms, which is a welcome flexibility. Non-academic writing has shown to be the most straightforward of all. Articles are written for a general readership as well as for the general public. Non-academic writing provides the opportunity to express one's feelings while also having the opportunity to be published at any moment. Combined, these have formed me into a strong writer.

Non-academic writing has proven to be an intriguing trip since it teaches you how to achieve achievement by being your authentic self, which is the most effective recipe for success. It forces one to jot down notes on whatever subject matter he or she is comfortable with. Even if the material is vulnerable to alteration as a result of the writer's prejudice, the writer will feel satisfied with the final product in the end. Academic writing is difficult and requires the use of both creativity and critical thinking skills (Satyabrata, 2020). Work will be rejected if one does not adhere to the directions provided. For school assignments, I've written essays, poems, and research papers, among other things. To write papers that follow a formal structure, one must have a thorough understanding of the topic under consideration. When, for example, I wish to write an essay on a certain subject but realize that I am either poorly prepared or have just a superficial understanding of it, it may be a major issue. Writing for academic reasons necessitates the ability to be adaptable and dependable. When someone fails to present their work on time, they will be subjected to severe consequences. When it comes to appraising one’s work, proofreading is essential. A proofread piece of work is straightforward, clear, and uncluttered.

Personal writing provides a significant platform for creative self-expression. One might be able to acquire a strong desire to pursue a career as a professional writer as a result of this. It has been beneficial in comprehending a variety of issues ranging from politics to agriculture and business via my own personal writing. It is impossible to think in more than one way while writing non-academically. Academic writing, in my opinion, does not provide an opportunity to explore your hobbies and best areas of specialty outside of the classroom. One will be writing only for the sake of earning prizes and fulfilling tasks. It is not healthy to be restricted in one's writing abilities. The teacher will always provide writing tasks that they believe are appropriate, regardless of whether or not they are related to one’s favorite themes.

Putting pen to paper creates a feeling of achievement. I can write in my spare time, free of the demands of meeting deadlines or completing assignments on time. Having the power to take responsibility for my work has resulted from my own writing. The thoughts originate inside me and are conveyed in my own unique manner. When writing a crime novel, for example, I may pick who will play the protagonist and who will play the villain. Academic writing, on the other hand, would have already determined the subject matter of what I was going to write about. At the end of the day, it will just be a question of following the directions, which are not always straightforward.

One would choose resonant topics from their early upbringing when choosing on the subject to write about while undertaking personal writing for the first time. The storyline of their tale will be shaped by the memories they have of friends and family, painful experiences, happy times, and the imaginations of children (Cooke et al., 2013).

My first personal writing subject was about how breaking my arm made me become more grateful for good health. It is also possible for someone to contemplate writing their memoirs. They are able to describe their life path, their happiest moments, and even the worst experiences they have had while searching for meaning in life.

Personal writing encourages the development of content that may be published quickly and readily without the need to go through time-consuming procedures. Additionally, a person could think about releasing their work on social media networks or even in paperback form. The creator of the piece has the ability to pick who to share it with and may also govern who will see it. Academic writing does not provide for the flexibility to share one's work with anyone outside of one's immediate group of peers (Satyabrata, 2020). Sharing your work increases the likelihood that your ideas will be stolen, or possibly that the project you are working on may be scrapped entirely.

Making touch with other professional authors in the writing business is a significant opportunity. Because you have the opportunity to influence your work and audience, authors who get high ratings will be seen as valuable resources by other experienced writers. Every attempt is recognized, in contrast to academic writing, when work might be dismissed outright.

When producing personal writing that is not self-indulgent, one must take a number of elements into consideration. Allowing the audience to guide the writing process is a good idea. The writing becomes less prejudiced when the audience is given freedom to participate in the creation of the work. A writer should avoid allowing his or her own ideas to take over the whole piece of writing. As a result, the writing will become disconnected from and disconnected from the audience. Readers want to be entertained by well-written, well-developed, and well-marketed material.

The writing should be used to promote positive ideals in the community. The organization should focus on providing answers to current issues rather than on encouraging criminal activity. Readers are very picky about what they read. The majority of people do not appreciate material that has been written out of ignorance. To have a more comprehensive understanding of the subject, one must do extensive study that is founded in the pursuit of answers and the critique of existing efforts that may not be moving in the direction of the issue.

When it comes to writing, one must be selective about the themes on which they choose to focus. It is necessary to explain certain subjects in a wide and straightforward manner since they are quite sensitive. Numerous cases in which authors have been hauled to court for explaining their writings and for dismantling incitements and fear that they may have spread among a certain group of people have been documented. Many well-known authors have achieved worldwide recognition for their works of writing. It is not because their writing style or subject of work was superior to that of their competitors, but rather because of their originality in message delivery that they have been awarded the victory hats. The importance of language cannot be overstated. In a manner that no other writer can match, one can address a problem such as migrants or the rise in crime rates in a way that no one else can. Writing provides the capacity to communicate with persons both directly and indirectly. One will have the opportunity to speak out for those who do not have a voice in the community.

Writing is not a simple task to do. Following the acquisition of information, it will be necessary to put it into practice on a professional level. It will be necessary for a newbie in the area of writing to understand and study the patterns of renowned authors in order to succeed. Writing is something that anybody can do since it is just the expressing of thoughts via the use of a pen and paper. However, the originality of a piece of work is determined by how effectively the artist chooses to communicate their ingenuity.

Writing is a process that is never completed. When there is a burning desire to accomplish something, it is impossible to extinguish that desire. My background has played an important role. It has contributed to my increased confidence in my ability to express myself verbally. As long as there exist pools of ideas, putting them together to form meaningful sentences is not difficult.

My previous experience as a writer has been beneficial in honing my abilities. Every writing session provides the opportunity to gain new knowledge. Treating every encounter as an opportunity to learn and develop provides enough opportunity to become even more professional.

When I made mistakes in the past, I was stuck in the same pattern. If I incorrectly punctuated a quote one time, I would often repeat it. The more I make mistakes, the quicker I learn from them, and the better I get at coping with potential future mistakes. Writing in the future will be heavily influenced by the foundation that I have laid in the past.

Keeping a record of every piece of writing is an excellent way to have a reference in the future. Being able to go back and go over the whole body of work from the past gives one a sense of accomplishment. I believe that writing multiple drafts is important as it is an effective approach for keeping track of development. It aids with the preparation of manuscripts for publication or even the advancement of writing to a more professional level.

To be a great writer, one must be willing to make sacrifices and devote time solely to writing. Practice makes perfect, so proofreading, revising, and drafting are key factors to improve one’s writing. Having written multiple essays in the past has helped me lay the foundation for a strong writer. Academic writing requires structure and critical thinking, which give one the tools necessary to indulge in personal writing.


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