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NOTE: the purpose of this paper is conduct research to create a list of “Requirements” to develop a Smart System and then explain those “Requirements” within the paper.

NOTE: the purpose of this paper is conduct research to create a list of “Requirements” to develop a Smart System and then explain those “Requirements” within the paper. The “Requirements” will be shown in a table and be included at the start of your paper, before your written document. The heading for the table will be the name of the Smart System chosen. The table will consist of 3 columns: 1. Requirement #; 2. Smart Sub-System and 3. Requirement statement (see details below). The reader should be able to match each requirement in the table to its explanation in the paper. 50% of your grade on this assignment will be based on the Requirements table. The Requirements table will include at least 20 “requirements” and these requirements will be short, focused, statement that states what the system “must do”, “will do” or “should do”


Write a 7-page Word document, double-spaced, that identifies the requirements to implement the smart system chosen and its sub-systems. The 7-pages does not include the cover page, the “Requirements” table and the reference page(s). Do not include a Table-of-Contents or Abstract. You must include at least 5 references with citations. Not all references need to be scholarly and can include videos, websites, blogs, etc. You might also view YouTube videos on Augmented Reality to extend your research on how Smart systems may evolve over time (i.e. future applications and requirements).


Your chosen smart system will include multiple sub-systems.


Note when thinking about sub-systems: consider a Smart Home system. Within that Smart Home, you might have a sub-system for HVAC, another sub-system for electricity, another sub-system for communications, and another sub-system for security, etc. Examples of “requirements” for a Smart Home are at the bottom of this document 


Your paper must include multiple topic sections/paragraphs, each with a specific focus as defined below. Make sure your paper flows logically. In your paper, provide the following:


1. A Cover Page with the title of the project and your name. 


2. The “Requirements table” with at least 20 identified “requirements” from across the sub-systems identified. 


3. An Introduction paragraph that summarizes the project details, identifies the Smart System chosen, and summarizes the important findings from your paper. Remember, the Introduction paragraph is written AFTER the remainder of the paper has been written because it uses the rest of the paper to summarize and introduce your research. 


4. A major paragraph(es) that summarizes and analyzes your research of the Smart System (with an appropriate section Heading). Cite all sources and enclose directly copied source material in double-quotes. Questions your research might answer include:


a. What is the Smart Systems purpose? 


b. What operations does it performs? 


c. What are its inputs (resources, interfaces, when used)? 


d. What are its outputs (interfaces, data)? 


e. How does the technology integrate within the system? 


f. How important is the technology to the system? 


g. The system’s complexity, cost, and feasibility. 


h. Any constraints or risks found during the research. 


i. How the various technologies integrate to accomplish the system goals.


If your research identifies any sub-systems that are ‘futuristic’ (and not covered in the subsystems below), briefly describe them at the end of this section. NOTE: this section will probably not have any requirements (other than for futuristic technology) since these requirements will most likely be identified in the sub-systems below


5. Next, include a paragraph(es) for each Sub-System (with an appropriate section Heading) that includes: 


a. A description of this Sub-System.


b. Detailed “requirements” that drive the development of this Sub-System. Note: see the definition of a “requirement” provided at the top of this page and the examples at the end. 


c. Conclude the section with any ‘futuristic’ requirements that might be on the horizon for this sub-system, based on emerging technologies.


6. Conclude your paper with a Findings section the summarizes the important areas of your research. To receive full credit for this assignment, you must provide a table of “Requirements” at the start of the paper, document the smart system and document how the sub-systems are integrated as a process(es) within that system (i.e. Smart Homes have a lot of smart tools but these tools are integrated as a smart system used across multiple platforms – HVAC, Electricity, Communications, Security, etc.)


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