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NURS 3100 Week 3: Taking the Lead: The Magnet Model

Magnet is a guiding framework whereby you and your nursing colleagues are encouraged to intensify your efforts to improve organizational conditions, components, and processes of health care systems to enhance patient safety. The model serves as a road map for organizations seeking nursing excellence in five areas. Click on the following image and read about each of the five areas:




From Magnet, there has emerged a growing understanding of the professional elements that attract and retain nurses. The professional elements are now identified as the “best practices” for successful nurse recruitment and retention. Magnet status is awarded to health care institutions that act as a “magnet” for nurses by offering a work environment that rewards quality nursing services. Magnet health care institutions, in turn, enjoy improved patient outcomes. Think about which of the best practices are, or are not, present in your professional life and your strategies for improvement. Then proceed to the learning objectives for this week.




Learning Objectives

Students will:

Analyze the impact of Magnet status on health care change

Analyze the impact of nurses on the process of health care change

Analyze the role of nurses with Magnet

Apply research and writing skills to current topics in nursing