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Obtain recent restaurant health inspection report:? Locate one report from a restaurant that contains at least 5 D

Objective: To develop an Active Managerial Control plan for resolving health code violations found in online restaurant health inspection reports from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (FDBPR). This is a good place to start.You can search by county.

Project Description: 

  • Obtain recent restaurant health inspection report: 

Locate one report from a restaurant that contains at least 5 DIFFERENT High Priority violations. The 5 must be different violations that represent one of the CDC’s most common risk factors used in Active Managerial Control. The restaurant and the location you pick are up to you. To obtain the online inspection reports follow these directions.

  1. Go to
  3. Click Food & Lodging Inspections
  4. Check “Search by Name” and click on “Search”
  5. Type in the name of establishment and at a minimum the city and state.
  6. Click on the name of the restaurant you wish to view
  7. Click on a date to reveal an inspection report.
  8. Pick one that has at least 5 different high priority violations
  9. Upload a copy of the report to be included with the project.
  10. Hint – there is a hamburger restaurant chain that open its largest store close to Disney last year – you might want to look them up.

CDC Risk factors:

  1. Improper Hot/Cold Holding Temperatures of Potentially hazardous Foods
  2. Improper Cooking Temperatures
  3. Contaminated Utensils and Equipment
  4. Poor Employee Health and Hygiene
  5. Food from Unsafe Sources
  6. Apply the concepts of Active Managerial Control: For each violation complete the following on the attached report template (available on Canvas) to:
  • Identify which of the five risk factors it represents (hint- it can only be one of the five risk factors listed above)
  • Create a policy and a procedure for addressing that risk factor
  • Establish a monitoring process
  • Establish a verification process


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