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On Sunday 3/5/23 at approximately 1515 hours, I Officer James Carr, was called over the radio by the Emergency Department RN Jodie Cline. Cline requested immediate assistance in ED room #4 due to a highly combative patient. The patient Manis was brought in unresponsive, and then was given Narcan by the Cline before my arrival. Once the Narcan was administered Manis became combative was kicking at staff, swinging at them, Manis was a safety risk to himself and staff. Manis had ended up kicking Dianne Dietz (Sr. Lab Assistant) in the middle side of her right lower leg. When Manis kicked Dianne Dietz the kick was hard enough to cause her to twist around and fall to the floor.
Dianne Dietz then got to her feet as quick as she could and called out for immediate assistance. At this time RN Jodie Cline radioed for security, Security to respond immediately. Upon my arrival there were multiple staff members all over, and moving around attempting to gain control of Manis’s limbs so they could get him sedated and intubated for the safety of all staff members, and for Manis’s safety as well. Due to the amount of staff assisting I will put who was in the room involved with the incident but can’t accurately identify which individual was doing what throughout the incident since they were moving around so much, and I was focused on myself restraining Manis’s right forearm specifically by applying a strong grip, and downward pressure to hold his arm down against the bed so he could not flail or strike anyone else. I did observe Nurse Jodie Cline with syringes containing sedatives that she administered to Manis. After Manis was sedated, and no longer a threat to staff I eased my hold on his right forearm, and assisted Nurse Jarod Cumbow, Kasey Morse, Kori Quills move him up towards the top of the bed where Dr. White then intubated him. Manis was then taken to the Radiology Room. Since Manis was no longer a danger I then began the process of gathering information from Dianne Dietz. I offered her a Work Place Violence Form which she declined, and she advised she would just complete a Covenant Incident Report as she was told to do by the Housing Supervisor Renell Merrick in case she did sustain an injury but at that time she said she was fine but her adrenaline was high so she was advised if she wanted that form just to call Security at a later time, and I would provide her with it. I also asked Dianne Dietz if she wanted to press criminal charges, and she was not sure about doing that. I advised her to think it over and it was completely her choice. I advised her I was going to be On Duty until 2300 hours and she can call at any time and I would meet up with her and provide her with assistance in that process or anything else she needed assistance with or answer any questions she might have later. I identified the following staff members that were in the room during the incident but am again unaware of what each person was doing due to the hectic nature of the incident.

Staff Present: Dr. White, Jarrod Cumbow, Jazmine Morales, Jodie Cline, Dianne Dietz, Kori Qualls, Kasey Morse, Housing Supervisor Renell Merrick, and Charge Nurse Cheryl Slemp.
I spoke to Manis’s Girlfriend Nolan who was in the lobby, and I was able to get her to give me a correct up to date address and phone number for Manis if any criminal charges were to be pressed by Dietz since the address that was provided to the Hospital is actually his mother’s address where he does not reside. I informed the House Supervisor Renell Merrick of all the information that I had gathered, and what I had done in reference to after the initial incident, and then asked if she wanted any other information or if she wanted anything else done in reference to this incident, and she advised no that’s all she needed from me. I then called the assigned On Call Manager Captain Howard due to the seriousness of the incident. I spoke with Captain Howard on the phone informed him of the situation that just took place in the ED, what I had done, answered his brief questions, and advised that I was going to complete an Incident Report Immediately after I was done speaking to him. After the call I then completed the incident report.