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One half of a mole of atoms would contain how many atoms?

CHEM1305 Introductory Chemistry

Chapter 8 Homework Assignment  

Question 1One half of a mole of atoms would contain how many atoms?

  6.02 × 1023 atoms


  6 atoms


  3.01 × 1023 atoms


  144 atoms


 Question 2Calculate the number of particles in 0.200 mol of chlorine molecules, Cl2.


  6.02 × 1023 molecules


  7.09 molecules


  35.45 molecules


  1.2 × 1023 molecules


 Question 3Calculate the number of moles in 3.00 × 1024 formula units of manganese(II) sulfate, MnSO4.


  151.00 moles


  4.98 moles


  6.02 × 1023 moles


  2.00 × 1023 moles


 Question 4Determine the molar mass for each of the following:


a) silicon, Si28.09 g/mol


b) ozone, O348.0 g/mol


c) iron(II) acetate, Fe(C2H3O2)2173.93 g/mol


d) nitroglycerin, C3H5O3(NO2)3227.09 g/mol


Question 5How many moles of dinitrogen oxide, N2O are in a 19.3 g sample of N2O?


  6.43 moles


  2.28 moles


  0.439 moles


  19.3 moles


 Question 6What is the mass of 61.5 moles of zinc, Zn?


  0.941 g


  1.06 g


  4021 g


  61.5 g


 Question 7Calculate the number of molecules in 5.68 g propane, C3H8.


  7.75 × 1022 molecules


  0.129 molecules


  2.33 × 1024 molecules


  5.68 molecules


 Question 8What is the mass percent of C in oxalic acid, H2C2O4?


  12.01 %


  26.7 %


  13.3 %


  33.3 %


 Question 9An iron phosphide compound contains 335 grams of iron and 124 grams of phosphorus. What is the empirical formula of this compound?








 Question 10Hexamethylene diamine has a molar mass of 115 g/mol and an empirical formula of C3H8N. What is the molecular formula of the compound?












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