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ONLY USE SOURCES GIVEN!! ONLY USE BOOK ?Read chapters 12-14? ?1) Describe the major reform movem


 Read chapters 12-14 

 1) Describe the major reform movements of the 19th century.  What was the intended goal of each movement?

2) How were women involved in reform movements?  Think back to the idea of Republican Motherhood — do you think there is any sort of connection there?  If so, what?

3) What was the Second Great Awakening?  How did it differ from the First Great Awakening in the 18th century?

4) What factors prompted western migration?  What dangers and hardships were settlers likely to face on a westward journey?

5) What prompted Texans to declare independence from Mexico?

6) Why did the US go to war with Mexico?  What were (at least) three major consequences of the war?

7) What was the Wilmot Proviso?  Why did it spark such controversy?

8) Describe the Compromise of 1850.

9) Think back to the Missouri (1820) Compromise.  How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act work with that?  Or did it?

10) What happened when Abraham Lincoln won election as president in the election of 1860? 


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