Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Option 1: Analyzing Reseacher Sept 1: Visit the public Library of science (PLOS one) ?Website: https: | WriteDen

Option 1: Analyzing Reseacher Sept 1: Visit the public Library of science (PLOS one) ?Website: https:

Option 1: Analyzing Reseacher

Sept 1: Visit the public Library of science (PLOS one)

 Website: (a peer-reviewed journal that freely publishes research articles with open licenses). Do a search for an article that interests you, then answer the following in 200 words or more:

1. What is the hyperlink to the study you chose?

2. What is the title of the study, and who conducted the research?

3.Describe the study in few sentences in your own words.

4. Identify and descibe either the basic assumption of the researchers, or if it was an experiment, the hypothesis. why were they conducting this researchers?

5. How was the study performed? what methods were used?

6.What were the results and conclusion of this study?

7. What questions do you still have after reading about this study?  for example, if you were to conduct another study based off of this study, what questins would you ask and what would you still want to find out? 


Option 2: Using Your Brain

Step 1: Write a discussion post of at least 200 words based on the following prompt ( answer both questions):

1. Think of an activity you did today. Using what you learned in this module, describe at least five different parts of your barin and how they were invoved in that activity.

2.If you wrere a psychologist or neuroscientist interested in learning more about one of those brain parts, what methods could you use to learn more about the brain? ( consider types of studies you could creat, experiments you could design, brain-imaging techniques, and other methods described in your reading)


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