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outline and discuss the leading and managing of change by applying Lewin’s (1951) FFA to the above scenario.

outline and discuss the leading and managing of change by applying Lewin’s (1951) FFA to the above scenario. Each of Lewin’s identified forces is to be discussed?Topic: Nurses as Leaders in Health Care SettingsNurses as Leaders in Health Care SettingsWritten assignmentStanley comments about change that there are some people who ????want to change, but don’t know how to effect it, those who want to change and think they know what’s best and try to impose it on others, and those who don’t want to change at all and would willingly settle for a quiet life’ (2011, p. 119). This assignment has been developed to enable you to begin to understand change and change management in relation to nursing leadership.Scenario:An experienced registered nurse with post graduate qualifications in paediatrics who has been working in a large metropolitan children’s hospital has recently accepted a position as Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) in the paediatric ward of a regional hospital. After spending time reviewing the ward’s policy manual the NUM noted that the paediatric intravenous policy needed updating to bring it in line with current evidence based practice. The revised policy was approved according to hospital process and then introduced into the ward for implementation however the NUM has noticed resistance to the use of the new policy from some of the long term nursing staff.Change theory:The NUM decides to analyse the situation in the ward using Lewin’s (1951, cited in Stanley 2011) Force Field Analysis (FFA) model of managing change. Using the scenario to illustrate your discussion, outline and discuss the leading and managing of change by applying Lewin’s (1951) FFA to the above scenario. Each of Lewin’s identified forces is to be discussed within an overall word limit of 400 words.Please find the uploaded document about change theory (Force Field Analysis (FFA)) and make the reference from the information givenTransformational leadership:Stanley (2011) has commented that Burn’s (1978, cited in Stanley 2011) transformational leadership theory is about inspiring others to achieve a vision.Briefly discuss the application of transformational leadership in nursing using a word limit of 200 words for your discussion.(Please see uploaded articles about transformational leadership)Transformational leadership themes:Discuss the strategies the NUM as a transformational leader could use to successfully implement changes to the paediatric intravenous policy in the ward. Discuss these strategies using the four themes of effective transformational leadership developed by Bennis and Nanus (1985, cited in Stanley 2011). Each theme is to be discussed within a word limit of 200 words each using the scenario to illustrate your discussion. These themes are:?? Vision?? Communication?? Trust, and?? Self-knowledge.?You may use headings to organize your work.Write an overall introduction of 75-100 words and a conclusion of 75-100 words. Write the conclusion as a summary of your learning outcomes.(Please see uploaded articles and some scaned pajes from text book and I am going to do the reference of the book (just mention that there is areference in this area from the text book and I goona do it ) about transformational leadership themes)


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