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Overview: For your capstone proposal, you should first conduct a preliminary search of literature to help you define a healthcare problem that health-service o

 Overview: For your capstone proposal, you should first conduct a preliminary search of literature to help you define a healthcare problem that health-service organizations face. Limit yourself to evidence-based sources only. Select a specific issue or problem confronting a health-service organization that you can effectively address through your capstone program proposal. Examples might include financial challenges, implementation/operationalization of new legislation (such as the No Surprises Act), patient safety and quality, improving internal cybersecurity, or improving the organizational culture. You will identify a target audience or governing body, such as the CEO or board of directors who would review and approve implementation of your proposal. You will also identify who will be affected by implementation. Prompt: In Milestone One, you will submit a draft of your introduction (Section I). Milestone One will encompass the introduction of your proposal. You are encouraged to follow a scholarly research process for identifying the sources needed to complete this milestone. Select a specific issue/problem confronting your healthcare organization that you can effectively address through your capstone program proposal. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Introduction This should include a brief statement of the issue/problem, the purpose of program, and its impact. Identify the issue to be addressed and include an accurate and detailed overview of the issue, including a discussion of how your identified issue affects your health-service organization and any affected population. You may consider negative patient outcomes, financial implications, cultural implications, etc. In general, include all information that you think is necessary to establish a comprehensive analysis and foundation for understanding your chosen issue and proposed program. This section should also describe the target audience to whom you would present your proposal for implementation (such as healthcare executives, administrators, and board of directors) in relation to this proposal and why your proposal would be relevant for this audience. For example, how might your proposal help hospital administrators make effective and ethical decisions surrounding patient safety and quality, culture, finance, etc.? Rubric Guidelines for Submission: The draft of your introduction should be submitted as a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Any references should be cited in APA format 

    I am thinking of perhaps of focusing on the elderly dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, as well as the resources and services available not just for the patient, but also for the caregiver. For I find this all so daunting and having difficulty in finding help for us both to better manage her progressing illness, especially now that she is getting worse and even physically aggressive at times.  I find the process to make someone who has owned their own home to be eligible for Medicaid difficult, and unfair, for caregiver services should be available to all when needed. I also find it difficult to getting help in how to deal with her illness as it gets worse or getting additional help to avoid the last resort process, which would be a nursing home. 

The topic that I have selected for my project is making seniors eligible for caregiver services and provided the resources needed for caregivers to fulfill their roles as successfully as possible for the duration needed for their services assisting a family member. As a person who progresses with Alzheimer’s, the need for them to have help in their daily lives becomes more constant as they as their short-term memory becomes impaired, are no longer able to drive, and even forget to sometimes verbally say what is on their mind. Memory loss and confusion can make the affected person become agitated, depressed, and even sometimes verbally or physically aggressive, as they slowly lose the ability to communicate what they are trying to say. They can also become a danger to themselves and others as the disease progresses.

While there are services available, such as in home health care through a third party or a family member, having the patient become eligible for these types of services can be very difficult, as well as getting the family member assisting them to receive monetary aid or other resources to help them. In many cases, it is the child or other close family member who takes on the role of helping out the person affected. While Medicare can help in offsetting these costs, it can become very expensive if the patient is not eligible for Medicaid, and the hurdles one must go through can be very tedious, and expensive. For example, a senior who owns their home is not eligible for Medicaid services and Medicare can take away property or other assets to offset the cost, so one must find ways to navigate this hurdle. One way is to put the home in an irrevocable trust, and have their monthly social security and pensions diverted to a third-party pooled trust to pay their expenses. To do this, one must pay thousands to an attorney to have this set up, based on the laws of the state one resides in.

The services to provide free or lost cost care for our seniors suffering with this illness, is acutely important. Too many of our elderly population face the prospect of losing their homes and being unable to pass it on to their children or grandchildren because of the cost of services through Medicare alone, which will seize assets to offset costs, yet those who own no property can easily get free services, which I do not find to be fair. We need to better help our elderly population, as well as those family members who face the burdens of tsking care of people, such as their parents, for the duration of time left to them as comfortable as possible.


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