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Overview Your team recently turned in a report to the CIO of Acme Inc., describing the organization?s opinion of the


Your team recently turned in a report to the CIO of Acme Inc., describing the organization’s opinion of the IT department. The CIO immediately assigned you the high priority task of recommending, without input from the other team members, how Acme should correct the deficiencies mentioned in the report.


Based on the following description and survey results, make recommendations for correcting four of the deficiencies you see.

Question Results

1. IT quickly and effectively corrects issues.

  • Agree 60%
  • Disagree 35%
  • No Response 5%

2. IT communicates changes prior to their occurrence.

  • Agree 40%
  • Disagree 40%
  • No Response 20%

3. I feel IT works to avoid interrupting my services.

  • Agree 35%
  • Disagree 45%
  • No Response 20%

4. IT provides a reliable and effective system that enables me to be effective in my job.

  • Agree 35%
  • Disagree 45%
  • No Response 20%

5. The Help Desk system is user-friendly and helpful.

  • Agree 37%
  • Disagree 43%
  • No Response 20%

6. Services at Acme Inc. are reliable.

  • Agree 35%
  • Disagree 45%
  • No Response 20%

7. The Internet speed is adequate at Acme Inc.

  • Agree 15%
  • Disagree 80%
  • No Response 5%

8. Do you feel the uptime of each of the following services is acceptable?

  • Service Now (cloud) 25% agree, 75% disagree
  • Office365 (cloud) 20% agree, 80% disagree
  • Workday (cloud) 30% agree, 70% disagree
  • Drive Shares (onsite) 80% agree, 20% disagree
  • Microsoft Office (onsite) 90% agree, 10% disagree
  • SharePoint (cloud) 10% agree, 90% disagree

9. Do you feel that IT ethically handles its responsibilities?

  • 99% Agree
  • 1% Disagree

10. Do you feel that Acme Inc. ethically handles its responsibilities?

  • 90% Agree
  • 10% Disagree

11. Do you feel IT does a good job providing support and resources to you and your team?

  • 10% Agree
  • 90% Disagree

Aligned Objectives

  • Navigate ethical issues both personally and at the corporate level
  • Describe the organization of an IT department
  • Device and correct perception and visibility issues in an IT department
  • Develop procedures that protect a department when terminating staff


Write a one-page or two-page double spaced paper describing what changes you would make to the organization and technology utilized by Acme Inc. You should cover four topics including but not limited to potential software limitations, communication issues, visibility, recommended hardware or service replacement, etc.


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