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Patient care needs categories include_


Chapter 5 Quiz

Question 1Patient care needs categories include___.

  cognitive needs.


  pain and comfort needs.


  family information and support needs.


  treatments and interventions.


  A and C.


  all of the above are true.


 Question 2The historical usage approach to staffing involves___.


  looking at usage from the year before.


  the assumption that all patients are similar in needs.


  identifying nurse-to-patient ratios based on experiences and perceptions of nurses.


  use of a patient classification system.


 Question 3The expert opinion or expert panel technique to measure work _____.


  identifies time requirements for certain work.


  is a consensus approach.


  uses professional judgment to determine staff required.


  provides a flexibile approach that focuses on a critical review of nursing practice.


  A and D.


  all of the above are true.


 Question 4The role of advanced practice nurse providers and clinical experts includes___.


  writing orders.


  providing general patient care oversight.


  providing care.


  assisting staff in the care of more complex patients using the latest evidence in a cost-effective approach.


  all of the above are true.


 Question 5Examples of interventions to address the gap between needs and actual staffing are the following ___.


  reevaluating patient acuity ratings.


  postponing admissions.


  postponing nonemergent patient care.


  floating existing staff to the unit of need.


  all of the above are true.


 Question 6Validity measures___.


  the extent to which data is reproducible.


  the extent to which a workforce management system measures what it is designed to measure.


  the ability to quantify and/or predict patient needs for nursing care.


  B and C.


  all of the above are true.


 Question 7All of the following are true about nursing staff skill mix except ____.


  it consists of the numbers of licensed and nonlicensed staff.


  it is determined based on who is available to work.


  it is determined based on the work that needs to be done.


  it is difficult and challenging to determine due to the multifaceted nature of patients and caregivers.


 Question 8One of the problems with patient classification systems has been low validity. This problem includes the following:


  failing to account for the full scope of nursing practice.


  belief that patient classification systems are a vehicle to increase or decrease staffing levels inappropriately.


  wrongly projecting patient care needs for the next shift or time period.


  failing to use the data that is generated.


 Question 9Patient workforce management includes five highly interconnected and interrelated components, which include all of the following except ____.


  Establishment of a patient care delivery model.


  Patient needs and nurse interventions identification.


  Creation of a core staffing schedule to support patient needs.


  Daily staffing process that is consistent each day.


  Evaluate value and outcome.


 Question 10The problems with prospective versus retrospective prediction of patient care needs includes___.


  the amount of staff and skill mix has been nearly impossible to determine without an acceptable error range without using a computerized solution.


  it is nearly impossible to accurately predict patient condition changes, new admissions, and discharges.


  A and B.


  neither is true.


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