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Patients taking antacids should be educated regarding these drugs, including letting them know that:

NR552 Advanced Pharmacology

Week 6 Quiz  

Patients taking antacids should be educated regarding these drugs, including letting them know that:

Select one:


 a.They may cause constipation or diarrhea.


 b.Many are high in sodium.


 c.They should separate antacids from other medications by one hour.


 d.All possible choices


Question 2GLP-1 agonists:


Select one:


 a.Directly bind to a receptor in the pancreatic beta cell


 b.Have been approved for monotherapy


 c.Speed gastric emptying to decrease appetite


 d.Can be given orally once daily


Question 3The action of gliptins is different from other antidiabetic agents because they:


Select one:


 a.Have a low risk for hypoglycemia


 b.Are not associated with weight gain


 c.Close ATP-dependent potassium channels in the beta cell


 d.Act on the incretin system to indirectly increase insulin production


Question 4A 10-year-old patient presents with uncomfortable constipation. Along with diet changes, a laxative is ordered to provide more rapid relief of constipation. An appropriate choice of medication for a 10-year-old child would be:


Select one:


 a.PEG 3350 (Miralax)


 b.Bisacodyl (Dulcolax) suppository


 c.Docusate (Colace) suppository




Question 5Elderly patients who are on levothyroxine for thyroid replacement should be monitored for:


Select one:


 a.Excessive sedation


 b.Tachycardia and angina


 c.Weight gain


 d.Cold intolerance


Question 6Patients who are on chronic long-term proton pump inhibitor therapy require monitoring for:


Select one:


 a.Iron deficiency anemia, vitamin B12 and calcium deficiency


 b.Folate and magnesium deficiency


 c.Elevated uric acid levels leading to gout


 d.Hypokalemia and hypocalcemia


Question 7Which characteristic of metformin makes it a popular selection for diabetes care?


Select one:


 a.No gastrointestinal (GI) side effects


 b.Only rarely causes hypoglycemia


 c.Pain-free injections due to the micro needle


 d.Once-weekly dosing


Question 8A young adult will be traveling to Mexico with her church group over spring break to build houses. She is concerned she may develop traveler’s diarrhea. Advice includes following normal food and water precautions as well as taking:


Select one:


 a.Loperamide four times a day throughout the trip


 b.Bismuth subsalicylate before each meal and at bedtime


 c.Prescription diphenoxylate with atropine if she gets diarrhea


 d.Calcium carbonate (Tums) four times a day for stomach upset


Question 9 Lispro is an insulin analogue produced by recombinant DNA technology. Which of the following statements about this form of insulin is NOT true?


Select one:


 a.Optimal time of preprandial injection is 15 minutes.


 b.Duration of action is increased when the dose is increased.


 c.It can be used in combination with NPH insulin.


 d.It a rapid acting insuln


Question 10An elderly person has been prescribed lactulose for treatment of chronic constipation. Monitoring with long-term treatment would include:


Select one:


 a.Electrolytes, including potassium and chloride


 b.Bone mineral density for osteoporosis


 c.Magnesium level


 d.Liver function


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