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A. Overview of Advanced Leadership Practice
B. A purpose statement for the paper
Good- Well organized with clear purpose statement – 5 points
Acceptable- Organization with vague purpose statement: 2-4
Needs Improvement- Poor organization and & lack of purpose
statement: 0-1 points
5 points
2. Student provides and how the nursing paradigm impacts
leadership philosophy. statements/discussion of the
A. Beliefs about the person or client served
B. Beliefs about the environment
C. Beliefs about health
D. Beliefs about nursing
Demonstrates synthesis of information with minimal use of
quoted material.
Good- Clearly identifies the identifies and addresses nursing
metaparadigm, clearly stated beliefs regarding all tenets: 30-35
Acceptable- Lack of clarity regarding concepts and omits one or
more tenets: 20-29 points.
Needs Improvement- Provides generalized statements without
differentiation of the concepts; 10-19 points
35 points
3. Student provides Implications for Advanced Leadership
Practice section to include:
A. Discussion on how the student anticipates practice
will be enhanced with a master’s degree
B. Demonstrates relevance to Advanced Practice
Nursing in Leadership
Good- Clearly articulates how the master’s degree will enhance
practice & identifies relevance to Advanced Practice Nursing: 30-
35 Points.
Acceptable- Clearly addresses only one of the elements above:
20-29 points
Needs Improvement- Does not clearly address either of the
above elements.- 10-19 points
35 points
5. Organization and references
A. Student uses references that reflect a wide range of
resources that are peer reviewed, evidence-based and that
include research articles
B. Student demonstrates scholarly writing style with clear
concise writing
C. Student uses headings to organize the paper
D. Student cites a minimum of 5 current (within past 5
10 points
years) peer-reviewed references
Good- Clearly meets criteria- 7-10points
Acceptable- Meets most4-6 points
Needs Improvement- Minimally Addresses criteria 0-5 points
6. Student provides a section titled: Conclusion that includes:
A. Briefly summarizes main points of paper
B. Makes concluding statements final thoughts about the topic
C. Limits content to information covered in the paper.
Good- Clearly meets criteria- 7-10points
Acceptable- Meets most criteria 4-6 points
Needs Improvement- Minimally
Addresses criteria 0-5 points
5 points
7. Student demonstrates appropriate graduate level writing
skills and APA format. Quoted material 5% or less of content
Good-Minimal to no issues: 6-10points