Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Phagocytes are cells that have the capability of engulfing other cells, including human and bacterial cells, along with cellular debris to digest and break down. | WriteDen

Phagocytes are cells that have the capability of engulfing other cells, including human and bacterial cells, along with cellular debris to digest and break down.

BSC2089 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

 Module 11 Final Quiz    

•  Question 1

Phagocytes are cells that have the capability of engulfing other cells, including human and bacterial cells, along with cellular debris to digest and break down.






•  Question 2


Semen contains all of the following substances, EXCEPT:


1.            Testosterone


2.            Sperm


3.            Prostate fluid


4.            Seminal vesicle fluid


•  Question 3 Which type of white blood cell is most numerous and typically increased with bacterial infections?




2.            Basophil


3.            Monocyte


4.            Neutrophil


•  Question 4 What type of cell produces the digestive enzyme pepsinogen?


1.            Chief cells


2.            Enteroendocrine cells


3.            Parietal cells


4.            Mucous cells


•  Question 5 The parasympathetic system will stimulate the digestive system activity and function.






•  Question 6 Glucose is a monosaccharide.






•  Question 7 The entire cardiac cycle is dependent upon the AV node generating the electrical impulse, which then “passes” to the SA node.






•  Question 8 Which statement is true of the corpus luteum?


1.            It will start to breakdown and degenerate if an egg is fertilized


2.            It stimulates the endometrium thickening


3.            It produces luteinizing hormone


4.            It is composed of multiple ova


•  Question 9 Luteinizing hormone within a male reproductive system directly influences testosterone production.






•  Question 10 The uterine is regulated directly by follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone.






•  Question 11 The mouth allows for the processes of both chemical and mechanical digestion.






•  Question 12 Tubular secretion of the urine formation allows for larger substances, such as drugs, to be excreted from the body.






•  Question 13 Which of these statements is NOT true regarding urethras?


1.            The female urethra is much shorter compared to the male urethra


2.            Males are more at risk for bladder infections due to the length of the urethra


3.            The male urethra passes through the prostate gland


4.            If there is urinary retention, a catheter may be inserted through the urethra


•  Question 14 Which of the following statements is true of the lymphatic system?


1.            The pancreas is a lymphatic gland


2.            The lymph nodes contain a high concentration of erythrocytes


3.            The lymphatic system assists the cardiovascular system in oxygen delivery


4.            A function of the lymph nodes is to assist in activation of the immune system


•  Question 15


Lymph fluid leaves the lymph nodes through which vessel?


1.            Efferent lymph vessel


2.            Arteriole


3.            Venule


4.            Afferent lymph vessel


•  Question 16 In healthy kidneys, which of these substances is not a commonly filtered out of the glomerulus?


1.            Glucose


2.            Sodium ions


3.            Water


4.            Proteins


•  Question 17 An egg is typically fertilized within the uterus of a female reproductive tract.






•  Question 18 Embryonic develop consists of the three germ layers forming and ultimately developing into all of the organs of the body.






•  Question 19 Aldosterone will influence the kidneys to:


1.            Increase water excretion


2.            Increase reabsorption of vitamin D


3.            Decrease water reabsorption


4.            Increase sodium ion reabsorption


•  Question 20 Which hormone has the most powerful effect on water reabsorption in the collecting ducts?


1.            Diuretics


2.            Antidiuretic hormone


3.            Atrial natriuretic peptide


4.            Erythropoietin


•  Question 21 Ketones are a byproduct of protein metabolism.






•  Question 22 Which statement is true of blood vessels?


1.            All blood vessels have valves to prevent backflow.


2.            Capillaries are the only type of vessel that allow exchange of gases and nutrients.


3.            The blood pressure of the arteries is lower than the blood pressure of the veins in a healthy person.


4.            The tunica media of veins is thicker than the tunica media of arteries.


•  Question 23 Chemical digestion of proteins begins in which region of the digestive system?


1.            Large intestine


2.            Stomach


3.            Small intestine


4.            Mouth


•  Question 24 The majority of chemical digestion occurs in which region of the digestion system?


1.            Mouth


2.            Small intestine


3.            Stomach


4.            Large intestine


•  Question 25


The cephalic phase of gastric secretion can be stimulated by the sight, taste or even smell of food.






•  Question 26 The contraction of the heart follows which sequence?


1.            All four chambers contract at the same time.


2.            The right atrium, right ventricle, left atrium, then left ventricle


3.            Both atria contract together, then both ventricles contract together


4.            The left atrium, left ventricle, right atrium, then right ventricle


•  Question 27 Which of the following statements is true of the dilation phase of delivery?


1.            The placenta is delivered during this stage


2.            It include the act of “pushing” the baby through the birth canal


3.            It is the shortest phase of labor


4.            This phase includes the beginning of uterine contractions


•  Question 28


Blood exiting the right ventricle flows through which valve?


1.            Aortic


2.            Pulmonary


3.            Mitral


4.            Tricuspid


•  Question 29 The ventricles are contracting when the heart is in the systolic phase.






•  Question 30 Atrial natriuretic peptide ultimately decreases blood pressure by increasing the excretion of sodium ions within the kidneys.






•  Question 31  Lymph nodes are responsible for filtration and activating the immune system.






•  Question 32 Capacitation must occur first for the acrosomal reaction to occur.






•  Question 33 The thickest layer of an artery is the:


1.            Tunica media


2.            Endothelium


3.            Tunica interna


4.            Tunica externa


•  Question 34 Which of the following statements is true regarding urine formation?


1.            The collecting duct reabsorbs water and the majority of nutrients back into the bloodstream


2.            The collecting duct is formed from the afferent arteriole


3.            The majority of the filtrate produced is reabsorbed by the glomerulus


4.            The vasa recta blood vessels surround the loop of Henle (nephron loop) region of the renal tubules


•  Question 35 Which of the following statements is true of fiber?


1.            It can help prevent constipation


2.            We can only absorb it with the presence of fat


3.            It is a form of protein


4.            Our bodies can digest it and extract the nutrients from it


•  Question 36 Which region of the small intestine is the shortest and receives the chyme, bile, and pancreatic juices?


1.            Duodenum


2.            Cecum


3.            Pyloric


4.            Jejunum


•  Question 37 Healthy urine is mostly composed of:


1.            Solutes


2.            Water


3.            Glucose


4.            Proteins


•  Question 38 Which statement is true regarding the heart?


1.            The apex of the heart is located superiorly to the base of the heart


2.            The epicardium is the inner layer of the heart that is very smooth and lines the chambers


3.            All four valves within the heart contain chordae tendineae


4.            The myocardium primarily receives its blood flow from the coronary arteries and its branches


•  Question 39 Which of the following statements is NOT a function of lipids in the human body?


1.            Cellular structural support


2.            Found in the myelin sheaths of axons


3.            Used as the body’s primary source of energy


4.            Hormonal synthesis


•  Question 40 The epididymis will allow:


1.            Sperm to maturate as they pass through the epididymis


2.            For the production of a fluid that protects the sperm within the female reproductive system


3.            For testosterone to be production


4.            Provide energy for sperm to allow them to be mobile in the female reproductive system


•  Question 41 Luteinizing hormone within the female reproductive system directly influences what process?


1.            Follicle development


2.            Menstruation


3.            Ovulation of the oocyte


4.            Endometrium thickening


•  Question 42 Which part of the kidney filters the incoming blood?


1.            Collecting duct


2.            Glomerulus


3.            Proximal convoluted tubule


4.            Bowman’s capsule


•  Question 43 Which of the following choices is synthesized by the stomach?


1.            Amylase


2.            Sodium bicarbonate


3.            Insulin


4.            Pepsinogen


•  Question 44 Which factor does NOT influence stroke volume?


1.            The amount of blood that is filling up the ventricle


2.            The amount of stretch or tension in the ventricle just before it contracts


3.            The oxygen levels in the blood  


4.            High blood pressure


•  Question 45 Vitamins and minerals can be used as an energy source if needed to be.






•  Question 46 The pharynx assists in moistening and humidifying inhaled air?






•  Question 47 A vasectomy is a medical procedure where the epididymis is cut and the ends are cauterized to prevent the passage of sperm within the male reproductive system.






•  Question 48 What type of cell produces hydrochloric acid within the gastric glands?


1.            Parietal cells


2.            Enteroendocrine cells


3.            Mucous cells


4.            Chief cells


•  Question 49


The role of the liver in the digestive system is to:


1.            Chemically digest fats


2.            Remove toxins from the digestive system


3.            Absorb fats


4.            Assist in the breakdown of fats


•  Question 50 What is secreted by the alveoli cells that prevent the lungs from collapsing between each breath by reducing surface tension?


1.            Water


2.            Surfactant


3.            Pulmonary fluid


4.            Mucous


•  Question 51  Which of the following vitamins is water soluble?


1.            Vitamin E


2.            Vitamin A


3.            Vitamin K


4.            Vitamin C


•  Question 52 Diuretics produce which effect on the kidneys?


1.            Increase sodium ion reabsorption


2.            Increase potassium ion reabsorption


3.            Increase water excretion


4.            Decrease glucose reabsorption


•  Question 53  In the cardiac cycle, the right atrium fills first, then the left atrium.






•  Question 54 The clitoris within a female is considered an erectile tissue.






•  Question 55 Which of the following statements is true regarding someone with B blood type?


1.            This blood type is the universal recipient.


2.            This blood type has anti-A antibodies or anti-B antibodies (A and B antibodies) within the plasma.


3.            This type of blood can be given to someone who has type A blood.


4.            There are B antigens found on the surface of these red blood cells.


•  Question 56 Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding lipid metabolism?


1.            It produces ketone by products


2.            Can lead to a fruity smell to the urine and breath


3.            It occurs if the body cannot make enough energy from glucose


4.            It will occur after carbohydrate and protein metabolism efforts have been exhausted


•  Question 57 Which term best describes the amount of air expelled from the lungs after a maximum inspiratory effort?


1.            Tidal volume


2.            Vital capacity


3.            Total lung capacity


4.            Residual volume


•  Question 58 For inspiration to occur, intrapulmonary pressure must be higher than atmospheric pressure?






•  Question 59 Which of the following statements is true regarding the pathway of blood through the heart?


1.            Blood returning to the heart from the lungs enters the left atrium


2.            From the left ventricle, blood is pumped into the right atrium


3.            The right ventricle pumps deoxygenated blood out to the systemic circuit


4.            From the right atrium, blood passes through the mitral valve into the aorta


•  Question 60 The vagina’s acidic pH is helpful for sperm to produce energy and be motile.






•  Question 61 Which of the following choices may indicate an infection if seen on a microscopic urine specimen observation?


1.            White blood cells


2.            Casts


3.            Epithelial cells


4.            Crystals


•  Question 62 Trans fat is the healthiest fat for the cardiovascular system.






•  Question 63 Which of the following is true about the breathing process?


1.            The scalene and sternocleidomastoid muscles are primary respiratory muscles


2.            As lung volume increases, intrapulmonary pressure increases


3.            For air to enter into the lungs, the atmospheric pressure must be equal to intrapulmonary pressure


4.            The pleural fluid allows the lungs to expand without friction in the thoracic cavity


•  Question 64 Which of the following is a benefit to the inflammatory process?


1.            Initiates the production of antibodies


2.            Acts as an alarm for the adaptive immune system


3.            It helps spread of pathogens throughout the body


4.            It stops the repair process


•  Question 65 The secretory phase of the uterine cycle is when the endometrium starts to breakdown and is sloughed off through the cervix and vagina.






•  Question 66 The majority of nutrient absorption occurs in which region of the digestive system?


1.            Mouth


2.            Small intestine


3.            Stomach


4.            Large intestine


•  Question 67 Which is true regarding the small and large intestine?


1.            The large intestine will absorb water from the remaining indigestible food


2.            The duodenum is the portion of the small intestine connected to the large intestine


3.            The small intestine finishes the mechanical digestion process


4.            The small intestine uses only segmentation motility


•  Question 68 The internal and external urethral sphincters are both composed of skeletal muscle and under conscious control.






•  Question 69 Which of the following statements is true about carbohydrates?


1.            Fiber is a highly digestible form of carbohydrates


2.            Complex carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the digestive system and are commonly found in candy and soda


3.            Excess carbohydrate intake is stored within fat cells


4.            Carbohydrates are utilized as a secondary source of energy by the body


•  Question 70


The gallbladder’s role within the digestive system is to:


1.            Store digestive enzymes


2.            Assist in the production of sodium bicarbonate


3.            Produce bile


4.            Store and concentrate bile


•  Question 71


The acrosome of a sperm:


1.            Is an energy allowing sperm to be motile


2.            Protects the sperm from the female’s leukocytes


3.            Contains enzymes that allow the sperm to penetrate the egg


4.            Protects the sperm from the acidic vagina pH


•  Question 72 Which of the following is a role of the nasal cavity?


1.            Concentrate the oxygen of incoming air


2.            Gas exchange


3.            Filter and clean incoming air


4.            Dry and warm incoming air


•  Question 73 Which of the following statements is true of the nephrons?


1.            The bloo is filtered in the renal tubule section


2.            They are the structural and function units of the kidneys


3.            The loop of Henle is designed to assist in maximizing glucose reabsorption


4.            They are only found in the medulla of the kidneys


•  Question 74 All of the following occur during pregnancy, EXCEPT:


1.            Respiration rate increases


2.            Cardiac output increases


3.            The stomach enlarges allowing for more digestion to occur


4.            The glomerular filtration rate increases


•  Question 75 Which statement is true of the testes?


1.            They produce sperm and testosterone


2.            They contain the vas deferens and seminal vesicles


3.            The testes produce sperm cyclically, generally once every 28-30 days 


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