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I need help in finding 3 articles within the last 5 years in the United States relating to my PICOT Question. Please see the attached PICOT Application Form, and please ATTACH PDF version of the articles.

PICOT-D Question: Among older adults with type 2 diabetes in a primary care clinic does the translation of Güner & Coşansu’s research on the utilization of short text messaging impact the pre-prandial blood glucose levels when compared to the current practice in urban Texas in four weeks?

One of the articles must state or mention the use of text messaging or SMS, and reduced fasting sugar or controlled blood sugar with type 2 diabetes.

Another article being translated must be a research done either in the US or Canada. 

Or an article that says translation or guidelines on the utilization of short text messaging………….

CONHCP: Doctor Of Nursing Practice Final PICOT-D Approval

The department has conducted a review of your PICOT-D question in an effort to support the development of your project. Please note that this review is a FINAL APPROVAL of the PICOT-D and will require permission by the DNP Program Lead for any changes to this statement beyond the date of this approved review. We highly discourage changes as they may prevent you from progressing.

PICOT-D Question: Among older adults with type 2 diabetes in a primary care clinic does the translation of Güner & Coşansu’s research on the utilization of short text messaging impact the pre-prandial blood glucose levels when compared to the current practice in urban Texas in four weeks?

Are you an APRN? (mandatory question):

All projects must have a minimum of 3 original research studies to support the intervention. (One of the three original research articles to support your intervention need to come from the US or Canada). The other research studies can come from the UK, Denmark, India, New Zealand, or Australia (preferred) or from any of the 131 countries listed in the International Compilation of Human Research Standards 2020.

*** In DNP-955A You will be required to have a total of 15 research articles to support the intervention (3 from PICOT, plus other original research)

Original Research Articles (Use permalinks and attach a pdf copy of each of the quantitative original research articles):





This is your Final Approved PICOT-D statement. Please maintain this copy and please include it in each course ISP going forward, in addition, this is the FINAL approved statement to be shared with all DNP course instructors going forward.

If you need to make a change to this PICOT-D statement, you must work with your current course instructor to review and approve any possible changes and your instructor must notify the DNP Program Lead. Making a change to your PICOT-D statement past this date may lead to your delay and success in this program, there must be a valid significant reason to change this PICOT-D statement going forward. It will require you to stop and re-gain permission prior to progressing. This final approval is tracked in CRM.

You may not begin your intervention or collect any data related to your project until you have GCU IRB approval, which typically occurs in 960A. Prior to your project courses, you will be working on designing a project in preparation for the submission of your proposal in 955A. Ensure you are accessing the resources in the DC network and in the classroom. You do not need to resubmit your PICOT to the department.

Congratulations on your work so far! We are so glad you have chosen Grand Canyon University.


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Güner, T. A., & Coşansu, G. (2020). The effect of diabetes education and short message service reminders on metabolic control and disease management in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Primary Care Diabetes, 14(5), 482-487.



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