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Please respond to the discussion forum and respond to at least two of your classmates before the due date/time. Do not plag


Please respond to the discussion forum and respond to at least two of your classmates before the due date/time.

Do not plagiarize any of your discussions, these should be personal thoughts from what you have learned – treat it like an in-class discussion.    It's a good discussion and you do not need other resources/peoples words.

STEP 1: Read the assignment instructions carefully including the requirement(s).

STEP 2: Watch the video and respond to the questions

STEP 3: Use Microsoft Word to complete this assignment, to check for grammar and spelling but then…
STEP 4: Post Your Discussion in the Link below, don't forget to reply to your classmates.

STEP 5: First reply to the questions below with a minimum of 300 words.  Then you must have a discussion with your classmates, by replying to at least two of their responses, with a minimum of 150 words for each.  If you reply to or read your classmates prior to your original discussion you will receive a zero for the assignment.

STEP 6:  You may initially create your discussion in Word, etc. but you will be required to copy and paste it in order to submit it.

Use this link to view video:

What Causes Poverty and Can it be Fixed?

This video describes and discusses poverty as did Chapter 8. After watching the video and reading the chapter, first respond to the questions below and then respond to your classmates in a discussion using these concepts to analyze different social groups. (Although you are to use the information you learned from the book and film, you are to use your own words and ideas – plagiarism will result in a grade of a zero.)  Although yours will probably be much longer it can not be less than 300 words.  You will then respond to at least two of your classmates at least 150 words each.

  1. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke of two Americas in a speech at Stanford University in the 1960s. Describe the two Americas as they exist today.
  2. Poverty is rooted in the social structure. How does the social structure in United States perpetuate poverty? Explain how race, class, gender, access, and other characteristics might combine to perpetuate poverty? How can we solve poverty rooted in the social structure?
  3. Being in poverty is really a combination of individual and structural reasons. Compare the structural theory of poverty to individual explanations or personal responsibility.
  4. When thinking about solving poverty, we need to “think big and act small.” Government interventions can only go so far. What are micro-interventions, and how can they help fight against poverty?

General Requirement(s):

  • You are required to first post a response to the video and discussion board prompt and it must be a minimum of 300 words. Citations, titles, copying questions, references, and other identifying information does not count toward word count.
  • You are required to use proper grammar and spelling. When using other sources, citations using APA style are required.
  • Direct quotes are not permitted in discussion posting, therefore you must paraphrase and cite. (But this really shouldn't be done at all for this assignments.) In addition, you must post a discussion response to student's discussion posting.
    • You are required to respond to your classmates after you have responded to the initial questions.  If you go to your classmate’s responses first, you will receive a zero for the activity.
  • When responding to at least 2 of your classmate, your response needs to be pertinent and of substance. Stating that you agree or disagree is not sufficient. You must substantiate your responses.
  • Above all, they must be respectful and worthy of intellectual honesty, sincerity, and humility. Responses must be a minimum of 150 words each.


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