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Prediabetes and diabetes are two of the top pressing health issues in the country. Although there is no cure for di

Prediabetes and diabetes are two of the top pressing health issues in the country. Although there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed through healthy eating habits, an active lifestyle, and regular blood sugar monitoring. But sometimes, oral medications and treatment are important with healthy lifestyle choices to keep the blood sugar levels balanced.

However, the new drugs with a positive outcome improved blood sugar testing machines, and a healthy lifestyle adds up to a gain in outcomes for patients.
Type 1 diabetes is straight away treated with insulin, exercise, and an appropriate diet. Whereas type 2 diabetes follows a healthy life initially, but if in case it fails to control the blood sugar, doctors prescribe patients with oral medication or injections, and if even this does not work, then the patient is treated with insulin. 

The medication used to treat diabetes is not used in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Presently, the only recommended way of controlling diabetes in pregnant or breastfeeding women is by diet, exercise, and insulin therapy. 
Medications for type 2 diabetes are meant to

  • Increase insulin output by the pancreas,
  • Reduce the amount of glucose released from the liver,
  • Increase the sensitivity (response) of cells to insulin, and
  • Decrease the absorption of carbohydrates from the intestine.

An apt drug can provide more than one benefit, for example- lower blood sugar and control cholesterol. Not every drug is appropriate for different patients, and not every patient with type 2 diabetes will benefit from every drug. 

 These drugs have serious side effects like an increased risk of heart failure and bone fractures. Along with the <a href=""/>medications</a>, one should always have a blood sugar testing machine handy for a regular blood sugar monitor. You can easily find a few advanced options of glucose meters to make sugar testing easier for you.  


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