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Project Tasks and Timeline Rationale?

 in a Word document titled, “Project Tasks and Timeline Rationale”, write a paper: 

  • Use the following headers in your paper: 
    • Part 1: Overview of the Project (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 1 page) 
      • Summary of Goals and Objectives 
      • Summary of Resources and Budget 
    • Part 2: Explanation of Tasks and Timeline (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 2 pages) 
      • Description of all Tasks 
      • Description of Timeline 
      • Explanation of Method(s) Used to Determine Dates (Note: use concepts from the textbook to support your rationale in this section) 
    • Part 3: Risk Factors and Mitigation (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 1 page) 
      • Potential Risks and Mitigation 

      Include and highlight in your paper the following ten key terms from the textbook, using each term correctly and in a professional context: 

  • Choose any key term from chapters 1 through 4  
  • “Estimates,” “top-down estimating,” and “bottom-down estimating” from chapter 5  
  • “Activity” from chapter 6  
  • “Risks” from chapter 7  
  • “Resources” and “constraints” from chapter 8  
  • “Project duration” and “project scope” from chapter 9


Project Tasks and Timeline Rationale

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Project Tasks and Timeline Rationale


A project is constrained by the time in which the project must be completed. Failure to complete the project within this allocated time means that the project will cost more than the cost that was initially allocated for the project. Therefore, the project task and timeline are critical for project planning. Our construction project's task and timeline show the tasks and the time that the project will take from begging to the end when the project handover will take place. The project implementation will need to be undertaken with the budgeted cost.

Project Goals and Objectives

Our project goal is to construct a house within the set timeline and the budgeted cost and follow the customer's specifications. The project objectives are to construct a house that meets customers' specifications, has good drainage and wiring systems, and meets the customers' design specifications both in the exterior and interior.

Resources and budget

Our project needs resources and a budget for successful implementation. Most of the project resources are the building material and the labor (Malathi, et al., 2022). All the resources have been budgeted, and the team needs to work within the allocated time because of our project's budget and time constraints.

According to our budget estimate, our project will cost $ 48,000. The budgets consist of resources which are mostly building materials. Also, the budget costs include the labor cost.

Explanation of Tasks and Timeline

The construction project task and time are linked together; the tasks are used to determine the project's time. Every individual task takes different times to complete, and the completion of one task leads to the beginning of the other task: some tasks that are not linked together can happen simultaneously (Malathi, et al., 2022). However, the final end product of the project is composed of individuals with different goals and objectives.

Projects tasks and schedules

The tasks in this project are mainly associated with doing house-finishing activities. These activities are done to furnish the house to a level that meets the customer's needs. Besides the planning tasks, all other tasks in the project are directed to the actual project implementation.

The first activity that will be done in the project is the planning activities which the project's preliminary activities are done to set up every activity. Under the planning activity phase, we have the signing of the contract that initiates the project to begin and the assembling of all the materials that will be required in the implementation process (Zailani, et al., 2016). Some of the materials will be provided in the cause of the project implementation; however, they must be decided upon in the initial stages.

The second task involves the installation activities, where the construction team will install all the required items in the house. For instance, doors, drywall and the HVAC installation. These activities are the most necessary setting stage for the beginning of the next phase of the project implementation. Because of the activities in this phase, the whole activity will take some time compared to the other activities in the entire project implementation (Levy, 2018). The activities must be done completely before the next phase begins because it depends on them.

Various tasks must be done in this phase. The first task is the furniture placement in the kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. The second task is installing insulation equipment that will protect people against electric shock, heat, and cold. The third task is the flooring installation which involves carpeting and tiling. The third task deals with furnishing the interior according to the client requirements presented in the project plan. The good thing about these activities is that they can be done simultaneously; therefore, the interior installation activities would take little time compared to the first activities.

The fourth task is the plumbing activities, which will ensure that the water flow in the house is consistent. This plumbing is mainly done in the kitchen and lavatories. Therefore, it will take little time and could be done simultaneously with the electric installation.

The fifth activity involves the electric installation. This is involves wiring the house so that electricity can accessed in different parts of the house. The electricity connection must ensure safety so that the appliances are safe from the inconsistent electric current that might come from different places.

The sixth activity is the ground work, ensuring the environment around the house is safe. These activities boost the appearance of the house and include fencing, deck installation, driveway installation, and ground levelling. The activity is the last one in completing the construction project.

Project closing is the last task in the project implementation. The main activities in these phases include cleaning, infection, system testing and assessments (Levy, 2018). The activities are meant to put the project in good shape before the final handing over. A good amount of time is given to the activities to allow the house owners to inspect the project and recommend any adjustments before the house is handed to them officially.

Risk factors and mitigation

Every project has its associated risks, which must be planned for and mitigated so that they will not impact the project's progress. The project team can be aware of the project risk at the beginning of the project implementation (Zailani, et al., 2016). However, other risks can happen during the project implementation phase, affecting the project implementation progress.

The first project risk is scope creep, which is the deviation from the project's initial plan. The team must maintain the project design plan in the construction process by referring to the project plan at all times. The second risk is the unplanned change request, which might eat into the project timeline and the allocated budget. The third risk is the inexperienced project workforce which can affect the construction quality. It is important that an experienced project team only is hired to complete the project on time.


Malathi, S., Kumar, A., Venkatesan, R., Sundar, N., Athigiri Arulalan, A. S., Ambeth Kumar, V. D., … & Raja, L. (2022). A mathematical model for cost budget optimization in the early stage of house construction budget analysis. Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics, 25(3), 839-849.

Zailani, S., Ariffin, H. A. M., Iranmanesh, M., Moeinzadeh, S., & Iranmanesh, M. (2016). The moderating effect of project risk mitigation strategies on the relationship between delay factors and construction project performance. Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management.

Levy, S. M. (2018). Project management in construction. McGraw-Hill Education.


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