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Question Dealing with?ethical dilemmas?can be difficult and tricky at best. The interaction between the parties in


Dealing with ethical dilemmas can be difficult and tricky at best. The interaction between the parties involved and the situation will have a significant impact on the final decision. The below scenario is designed to get you to think about how your personal ethical values might be challenged if you had to make such a difficult decision. Make sure to truly think about your personal value system and be willing to support why you made the decision and why it did or did not cause you to adjust your ethical framework. Additionally, make sure to cite your sources as you convey back your response (for example: say, "according to Dr. Kline’s presentation on Ethical Dilemmas, leaders challenged with an ethical dilemma will …" or "Northouse suggests that…").

  • Make sure to answer all parts of the question. Read all discussion questions carefully.
  • Your response to each question must be at least 200 words
  • You MUST respond to at least 2 other of your classmates' threads- for each question- with a minimum of 50 words per response


Tony, a data analyst for a major casino, is working after normal business hours to finish an important project. He realizes that he is missing data that had been sent to his coworker Robert. Tony had inadvertently observed Robert typing his password several days ago and decides to log into Robert’s computer and resend the data to himself. Upon doing so, Tony sees an open email regarding gambling bets Robert placed over the last several days with a local sports book. All employees of the casino are forbidden to engage in gambling activities to avoid any hint of conflict of interest.

Tony knows he should report this but would have to admit to violating the company’s information technology regulations by logging into Robert’s computer. If he warns Robert to stop his betting, he would also have to reveal the source of his information.

  1. What does Tony do in this situation?
  2. What are the possible consequences of his choice to report or not report the incident?
  3. How might such a decision require you to amend your own ethical framework?


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