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Question In a paper of?two pages?(of text) tell me about what matters most to you right now, and make connections


In a paper of two pages (of text) tell me about what matters most to you right now, and make connections that show me how what you read in this course could (or could not) be helpful to you in thinking about that subject. Choose a different subject than you wrote about in Paper 1 and think about what's really foremost in your mind right now. It could be something really small and personal, or it could be something really large and global, but I want you to write about what's keeping you up at night.

If literature is as important and helpful as I think it is, then it should speak to our present circumstance and inform our understanding of the world. (Incidentally, my favorite thing about literature is how you can read a text at two different periods in your life, and draw completely different messages from it. For example, you might read the Harry Potter series as a junior high kiddo, and see romance and friend drama and all that. Then, when you're a young adult, you might see Hermione's activism and advocacy on behalf of Dobby and the house elves. If you were to read the text as an older adult, you might think about Nicholas Flamel and the Sorcerer's Stone, which prevented it's holder from dying). Sorry for the Harry Potter tangent! It's just an easy way for me to give you an example that we didn't read in class, but one with which most people have some level of familiarity.

You have the e-book to those reading materials.



Please, 2-page only, and work cited on another page


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