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Question Please write a substantial paragraph (no fewer than seven or eight sentences) in response to each of the


Please write a substantial paragraph (no fewer than seven or eight sentences) in response to each of the following questions.

1. Choose one of the characters about whom you read in the section of our syllabus entitled “Love” (Browning My Last Duchess p.1103, Glaspell_Jury_of_Peers p. 1155, Faulkner Rose for Emily p. 628) Analyze this character that you’ve chosen. Is he or she “in love”? If not, what other motivations might she or she have? If so, how do you know? Are the character’s actions believable? Justified? Is there anything else that seems worth noting about this character?

2. Consider Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” (p. 526) Is this piece still relevant to us in this day? Why or why not?

3. Based on your reading of Death of a Salesman(p.1709) what would you guess Arthur Millers viewpoint to be on capitalism? Why?

4. Several authors have recently written about travel as a political act. Using one or two of the works that we read in the “Travel” portion of our syllabus (“Flight Patterns” Sherman Alexie, p. 54, A Good Man is Hard to Find” O’Connor, p. 470, “London” William Blake, p. 801), argue that it either is or is not (a political act). I don’t mean to be vague in asking this question, but I’m trying not to be so specific as to steer your answers one way or the other. Think about the places that we might chose to go, why we choose them, and what that might mean to the “locals” who live in those places.

5. Finally, consider all the characters that we’ve been reading about for the last month. Which character is most like you? Why? Which character is least like you? Why?



I copied them and paste in a word document


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