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Quiz: Business management questions

Q31. A tool that graphically shows cost variance is:

a. A chart of accounts b. A code of accounts c. A histogram (also called a resource loading chart) d. A cumulative cost curve (also called S-curve)

Q32. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is the discount rate that sets the present value of cash outflow equal to the present value of cash inflow.

a. true b. false

Q33. Structured Walk-Through is a methodology used in:

a. PERT b. GERT c. VERT d. Project Evaluation

Q34. If you want to shorten the length of a project, you must:

a. Shorten the critical path b. Shorten the free float c. Spend more money d. Cut back on the features you plan to deliver

Q35. Which of the following is a scope planning tool?

a. Benefit/cost analysis b. WBS c. Earned Value analysis d. Fast tracking

Q36. A project can be terminated prematurely because the original objectives may no longer be valid.

a. true b. false

Q37. When crashing a project, we typically choose critical path tasks whose costs of crashing are highest.

a. true b. false

Q38. Using working time or elapsed time to calculate the time it will take to complete a task produces the same results.

a. true b. false

Q39. Milestones, like tasks, consume resources.

a. true b. false

Q40. A four step risk assessment process reflecting standard risk management good practice consists of:

a. Risk identification, Risk deflection, Risk impact analysis, Risk monitoring and control b.

b. Risk acceptance, Risk impact analysis, Risk response planning, Risk monitoring and control

c. Risk deflection, Contingency planning, Risk impact analysis, Risk monitoring and control

d. Risk identification, Risk impact analysis, Risk response planning, Risk monitoring and control


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